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    WTB: Accu-finish carbide grinder or equivalent

    Glendo also changed ownership a few years ago. The former owner is a very nice person, I've run into him a couple of times locally. I believe they made the Accu finish as a way to sharpen their own tools.
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    Very close to buying my first printer

    Lots of folks doing just that. Plenty of them also are inclining the printer on a ~30degree angle and putting a catch bucket at the bottom for catching the parts after the push. Thankfully I've never had to print enough to care about that.
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    Off Topic: interesting find in file cabinet construction

    Ballast. Some models use concrete blocks.
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    Off road forklift tires? 15x19.5 highway tires.

    Champ CB60 lift is built about the exact same way, mine has a Perkins diesel, torque converter, F-N-R PR-1 Velvet drive gearbox, and a 4spd manual box. 6k rated lift, it weighs 12k according to the tag.
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    dimensions for tensile specimens

    All depends on the service that they'll be doing and what you are doing. Threaded adapters we use ETD-150 as its easily available in round sizes from McMaster and it's good stuff. Plenty of other stuff is just regular ole hot roll plate weldments. Hydraulic grip jaws are going to be a whole...
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    AS9100 question

    What's your paperwork say you do? Doesn't matter if the standard doesn't require it but your paperwork does. If that is their biggest complaint that you have to deal with, put a number on it and smile about it.
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    Welding and fixture tables.... was getting ready to order this one but

    I had a Stronghand table at a prior job, which is the knockoff? of siegmund . For fab work I really liked it, and with a decent tooling package it was really handy for layout and welding but it wasn't the best table for repair or 'heat & beat to fit' work. Just not sturdy enough. I had the...
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    VFD on a 25HP Rolling Mill even practical?

    I've been having good luck with ABB ACS880 drives for closed loop control using encoder feedback for 1000:1 speed reduction, or more, and full torque. I use Marathon Black Max motors with the encoder, typically a Dynapar HS35. There are other good VFD's for closed loop control off motor...
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    Strongest rod available

    I've got 280ksi stuff I'll send you a length of if you cover shipping but its around the .205" range. No idea what the hardness is, its king wire out of 7 wire strand. You do realize that higher strength doesn't mean stiffer, right?
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    0t--russian connector weather seal

    Cold Shrink tubing. I thought it'd be really slick to have some for my amateur radio coax, then I saw the price and decided I'd stick with my splicing tape and electrical tape method.
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    mechanical testing of internal threads

    Simple tensile testing is easy to do jigs for, quick, and will tell you a lot. Baseline numbers? Test how you use to make it that doesn't fail, that's your baseline. What you are doing now isn't acceptable, so you know that is failing criteria. Assuming your test frame is functional, some...
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    VFD Cable

    I use equipment that is sensitive to it so my VFD's for my inhouse builds are installed in steel enclosures with galvanized backplane, VFD cable, EMC cable glands, shielded signal conductors, and my attempt at proper wiring practices. Doing this has fixed the issues I've had in the past with...
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    Pro grade FDM printers vs. Consumer grade Resin printers

    Something I haven't seen much of is how the resin materials stand up to UV/Heat for outside applications and mechanical parts. I use my FDM printers for mechanical fixturing parts and jigs and have been thinking about a resin machine for smaller parts but don't know about the durability of the...
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    SLA conical press fit into punched sheet metal hole

    I assume from your other post you mean a FDM printer rather than a SLA? If it was mine I'd design it with about .015" clearance and model retention tab(s) into it. It'd allow a lot easier replacement in the future and easier to accommodate out of round holes off the printer and on the sheet...
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    OT-Less expensive supplier than Automation Direct for Machine Tool Wire Cables (MTW)

    I see it for 1$/ft but out of stock currently. I don't think you going to find stuff much cheaper than automation direct for cut to length cables thats comparing apples to apples. If so, I'd like to find out about it.
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    Adhesive for melamine to particle baord?

    Titebond has a melamine glue that works fairly well. It's for gluing one porous surface to a non porous surface. I have to order it in, just be sure to open the bottles up to check it, I've received partially set up glue before from different vendors.
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    acquired a muffle furnace

    Age? Cleaning? Do you mean new, never been turned on, and it has some storage dust on it? I bought a new one at a prior job and it looked just like that inside, until the first time it was used, and it never looked that clean again. The inside is fragile, be careful putting stuff in and...
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    Manually cutting thick aluminum

    A couple of passes with a skill saw won't have a problem. It's shiny wood.
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    Measuring hydraulic pull-back ram force

    Pressure gage in line on the pressure side of the ram works just fine. Your force is area of the bore minus the rod area and multiply that times your pressure, should get you within ~5 percent. Frame can be stupid simple, enough steel to not be a concern and away you go. Crane scale load...
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    O.T. RTV Silicone Drying Time Query.

    Permatex, The Right Stuff, is rated for immediate use.