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    Clausing 4913 lathe

    I just bought a Clausing 4913 lathe and have some questions and looking for parts. It came with a 3 jaw chuck and I'm wondering how to remove it. It came with some collets but no handwheel thing, I think it needs one? It also came with a large 4 jaw chuck which I'm sure does not fit this...
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    New machines

    Oh, and a cut off for the lathe, what's best, carbide or HSS.
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    New machines

    I just bought a mill (Beaver MK-2) and a lathe (Clausing 4918, 14" x 48"). I need to buy some carbide tooling but don't want to spend too much, any suggestions? The Clausing came with a quick change holder but only 1 cutter holder with a boring bar (no extra inserts) I'll need a turning, a...