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    OT Power steering pump failure

    5 to 10 thou I wouldn't worry about it. May have bumped the dead head pressure up 50-100 pounds at the very most. Run it and don't worry about it. Still have the old pump? If you do and are really ambitious see if the through hole in the orifice fitting of the old pump is a little bigger than...
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    OT Power steering pump failure

    Fred, glad to hear you got it working. One more note though. The screened nut that you removed, did it have shims between it and the body of the plunger or was it tight against the plunger body? If it was hard shimmed or tight against the plunger body and you tightened it back down you'll be...
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    OT Power steering pump failure

    Take the fitting completely out and try pushing the plunger down, let it pop up whatever distance it will move by spring pressure, push it back down again. Repeat until you're bored. If it's going to work loose it will hy the time you're sick of it. Loosening the fitting and firing it up will...
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    OT Power steering pump failure

    Jc, all the GM pumps I've seen the overpressure adjustment faces down in the bore so there's no hope of pulling the nut/screen out if it's in the pump. If Fred is reading this, like Jc stated, once the pump is spinning fast enough or it reaches dead head pressure the plunger is forced down to...
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    OT Power steering pump failure

    FredC, Yeah the plunger should move quite a bit further than that. I would say 3/8ish or so. Most of the time if you just keep wiggling it up and down it will work itself loose before too long. The spring should lift it up far enough to clear the working bore where it can be snatched out easily...
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    OT Power steering pump failure

    Not sure what style pump you have but most automotive pumps are basically the same. Can't imagine breaking the rerturn fitting hurt anything at all. Reference the picture here; https://www.performanceonline.com/blog/2009/04/power-steering-pump-assembly-small-pump-general-motors-1960-and-up/...
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    OT GM type 2 steering pump specs

    Type 2 pumps are also called TC or transverse compact. Think they were mostly meant for transverse mounted engines. Nearly all are "standard" rotation I.E. clockwise when viewed from the pulley side. There were a couple of limited varieties that were reverse rotation but they're few, far between...
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    Is this cost for the DVF5000 that you referred to earlier? We are looking at adding true 5 axis capability soon and that is one of the machines we are looking at.
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    Anyone running the "new" generation Milltronics

    The new generation of vm3018, vm3018il and the vm4222il look interesting. Anyone out there with some real world feedback? The IL series look to be a little more robust than the standard VM's.
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    Investment casting stainless steel source

    Shellcast in Montague Michigan. We have them cast some parts. They do stainless but not sure if they do your requested grade.
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    WTB Di-Acro Rod Parter

    Not a Diacro but they do the same job Object moved
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    Brother r650x2 pallet index question

    BrotherFrank, we've got the tool sorting macro installed already. The MID m code to bring up a tool will be handy for sure! Now we've just got to wait until a job that needs a mid program pallet swap to test out Matt's workaround.
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    Brother r650x2 pallet index question

    BrotherFrank, Yes they are our dealer. Our 450 has some custom fixturing done by them. The 650 is replacing an old Chiron which is starting to show its age. Thanks for the tips on the magazine!
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    Brother r650x2 pallet index question

    Matt and Wheelie, Thanks for the reply. I did a quick search but didn't see an answer. I guess if I would have scrolled down a little I would have seen your thread. We only have a couple of parts we'll have to use this workaround on. Most everything else will be able to run in a standard...
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    Brother r650x2 pallet index question

    I have an odd question specifically for this machine. If one wanted to say, do some machining on a pallet then rotate it our to remove a clamp mid program and send it back in, is it possible to do this using only the pallet start button at the load/unload station? Our local distributor tells us...
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    Brother BT30 basic machining parameters

    Well, now we'll just have to pause the vid and write down the metric standards and convert them while remembering that those are "optomized" for the video. Seriously though, machine is in place and wired. Waiting for a couple field options to be installed and initial commissioning Working on...
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    Brother BT30 basic machining parameters

    I've seen a few threads with some 30 taper cut info but was looking to have a little more if possible. Just got a "new" 650 which will be primarily used in aluminum with just enough "steel" in the mix to say we do some. We have a 450 which is dedicated to one part in steel so our experience...
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    Rustlick EDM-250

    Doing some pre-winter shop cleanout. We have some rustlick 250 EDM fluid. 55 Gallon barrel that probably has 35-40 gallons in it. I would venture that's it's 10-12 years old. If you can use it AND pick up in Kalamazoo, Mi it's all yours. I don't log in constantly so if you send a PM please...
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    Anyone using the newest model of Phase Perfects?

    I, like I'm sure the OP is, am also wanting to hear some feedback from users. I have thought for years about going the digital route. There appears to be an upgrade in my future soon and some real world feedback would be great.
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    Carbide Burrs--Lots of Burrs--FOR SALE

    Received my assortment a day earlier than expected. Thank you Tommy1010