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    Deckel maho mh600c mannuals

    I have MH600C with manuals and schematics (I plan to scan them anyway, but never got around to actually doing it). The catch is they are all in german which makes them hard to read. Do You still need the manual?
  2. K

    Replacement for CL46 oil for MAHO MH600C

    Hello, I bought old MAHO MH600C in pretty good condition and I got it running (with few minor things left to clean up). What oil do You use for lubrication of your MAHOs? Manual calls for CL46 and CGLP 68. CGLP68 is readily available, but I cannot find CL46, what's the modern equivalent? I...
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    Bought MAHO MH600C, looking for some tips

    Hello, This is my first post on this forums. I recently bought old MAHO MH600C cnc mill in pretty good mechanical condition given its age (1984 vintage according to manual and name plates) . Machine has philips 432/9 control with crt monochromatic screen. I got it set up and running with few...