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  1. Apostle

    ot: another ebay scam?

    Well, you've got us all curious now. How about removing the mystery and allowing us to also "judge?"
  2. Apostle

    Cutting a Radius in a Thick Aluminum Stock

    Your assumption of using a 3/8" blade is exactly what's recommended in the chart referenced in the article above. Thank you, Mike
  3. Apostle

    Cutting a Radius in a Thick Aluminum Stock

    Thank you, this is exactly the chart I need. Mike
  4. Apostle

    Cutting a Radius in a Thick Aluminum Stock

    I want to cut a 3 1/2" diameter half circle out of a 2" thick piece of Aluminum stock. I will be using a metal band saw. I know there is a rule-of-thumb to figure the maximum blade width allowing this 1 3/4" radius curve to be smoothly cut. Does anyone know the max width blade for this job...
  5. Apostle

    Question: BP Series 1 Quill Handle

    I have a BP Series 1, 2J machine. I'm replacing the spring in the quill handle. The spring assembly will be here in two days. The question is: When the quill is in the down position, is the spring assembly designed to retract the quill to the up position, or does it just hold the quill in...
  6. Apostle

    Reinserting the quill in a BP Series 1, 2J head

    I have dropped and removed the quill from my Series 1, 2J head (with Kurt power drawbar). Is there anything special I must know about reinserting it once it's back from spindle regrinding? Some have cautioned me about the "shim collar" in the quill assembly, saying that the two screws at the...
  7. Apostle

    Bridgeport Series 1 - Am I nuts??

    Yeah, I certainly the remember 1968 Tet Offensive, you see I was USAF, 1966-1970. Why was a machinist in the jungle as a ground pounder? Tried to PM but couldn't find the link. Thanks for your service and have a happy 4th of July weekend. Pray for our country and God bless, Mike BTW, I...
  8. Apostle

    Bridgeport Series 1 - Am I nuts??

    Thank you for your professorial acumen in equipment purchasing logic. Your name “thermite” indicates that you are HOT indeed 😊 May I add, from my 77 yrs walking this planet, that PROVENANCE trumps AGE? You might address that in your next lecture on buying gear. May I especially point out that...
  9. Apostle

    Bridgeport Series 1 - Am I nuts??

    I almost purchased a beautiful 2018 Bridgeport Series 1 machine at auction. Hah, I quit bidding when the bidding shot through $18k. However I got the bug to get a "new to me" machine. I've located a very nice 1986 machine down converted from CNC and, after rebuilding in 2006, has seen only...
  10. Apostle

    A moral question on a Bridgeport mill to ponder

    Congratulations on letting the son have it, fake story or not. I'm 77 years old and have seen a lot of cold-blooded business deals that compromised ethics to make a few bucks. There are tons of Bridgeport's out there.. take the extra cash and put it towards another one. Here's a saying that...
  11. Apostle

    Lubricants for HLV

    I've always used Vactra #2 for way oil as well. Mike
  12. Apostle

    Wanted: Hardinge or Aloris Tool Post and Tool Holders

    Wanted: Hardinge or Aloris (AXA wedge-type) tool post and assorted tool holders. Watcha got that's no longer needed in your shop? Best, Mike DiGirolamo, Charlottesville, VA. [email protected]
  13. Apostle

    Is a Sanford SG-10 a quality machine ?

    Sanford SG-10 I bought one from a machinery dealer in Pennsylvania a few years ago for $350. Here's one (maybe different model?) that just sold on FB: Sanford 4? Surface Grinder - Air Tools - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Facebook Marketplace I'd advise that you look around for one at a...
  14. Apostle

    Have you ever seen on of these?

    Typical military (mostly aircraft) electronics.. hydraulic pumps, etc. All 400 Hz. Nothing in my shop and not likely in anyone else's shop calls for 400 Hz :) Mike
  15. Apostle

    Have you ever seen on of these?

    That's a beautiful and clean looking unit with little use. I'm sure you noticed that it's 400 Hz? Typical for military use. Best. Mike
  16. Apostle

    Have you ever seen on of these?

    Thanks for your reply.. Mike
  17. Apostle

    Have you ever seen on of these?

    Wowzers. wowzers, wowzers!! Thank you for posting this great link. Just what I've been looking for. Best, Mike
  18. Apostle

    Have you ever seen on of these?

    FIXED to your satisfaction?
  19. Apostle

    Have you ever seen on of these?

    Have you ever seen a portable 3 phase generator?? Has anyone ever seen a small, gas-driven, THREE PHASE, portable power generator? I remember waaaay back, while in the USAF, seeing those HUGE generators on wheels, but I'm talking about a smaller unit, maybe 3-5 HP, 120V, 240V and/or 480V...
  20. Apostle

    FS: Nice Selection of 1 1/4" arbor Horizontal Cutters

    Hi Lee, The two on each end of the first picture. There are four total carbide cutters. But, I believe they're sold already. Working out the details of the sale as I write.