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  1. Matt_Maguire


    scoria is not referenced in my US Steel 1951 book either. Worked for an outfit that built slag pot carriers in the 70's. They'd back up to a pit, dump the slag & then rotate the pot back up & let it free fall to knock the outer crust out. Very dangerous job... the show gets real good about a...
  2. Matt_Maguire

    What is you shop's overhead increase in the last year?

    Every good guitar player I’ve run across played Malagueña in some fashion or other, here’s another one (gets cool when he stops picking near the end). Good luck, Matt
  3. Matt_Maguire


    Bill is what Bill is, hardly malevolent. If I lose the subject reading one of his post or replies I usually just scroll down to the next post. Good luck, Matt
  4. Matt_Maguire

    Heat treating d2 getting cracks

    D2 will shrink some & can develop checks if it’s overheated (above 1850°F) before the air quench. I’d get a second opinion on how accurate your thermocouple is, they don’t last forever. Good luck, Matt
  5. Matt_Maguire

    Step up transformer

    The input max of 111amp input is good but the 440 output states 34 amp max??? With my 2b the 220 wants 75amps momentary so without parasites that indicates 37.5amps for 440. Good luck, Matt
  6. Matt_Maguire

    Craigslist funny time!

    Edges rolled like that happens to copper knockers. 15,000 old pennies you could make a bunch of them. Good luck, Matt
  7. Matt_Maguire

    Step up transformer

    It’s the spindle motor bill, it’s a “plugger”… The OP should at least up size the wire & protection to account for the current the head end sees when you start/stop/reverse spindle rotation. All the DeVleigs have plugging motors for the spindle (that’s why they are so big for the HP). My 2B...
  8. Matt_Maguire

    What quality are CNC spindles balanced to?

    It's materials used with balancing machines and machinery analysis. Matt
  9. Matt_Maguire

    welding cast iron

    It’s not decarb, you get a faint white line at the edge of a gas or arc fusion welding with cast iron rods or mild steel electrodes. I just used to use whatever worked, cast iron rod, steel/brass/bronze or electrode. Prolly still have 40-60# of Kastweld 111 & some Postile cast$$$. If you gas...
  10. Matt_Maguire

    Strongest rod available

    Putting a hole in a rod used to push or pull sideways creates what engineers call a “notch” (they hate notches)… It will significantly reduce the safe load allowed. You are also not gonna tap AR-500, AR-400 is a chrome moly boron steel that’s pretty much the limit for tapping in a normal world...
  11. Matt_Maguire

    Material Chemical composition

    I think LaSalle & Republic sold it also. It’s not going to be very scary with an 1100-1150°F temper. But it will do what it does up to 1000° pretty good for a long time. Matt
  12. Matt_Maguire

    Strongest rod available

    You’re paddling your canoe in a circle here… Carbon has the largest effect on how hard/strong a steel can get. For tough you add nickel. Moly is a carbide former & helps with strength at higher temps. The salad is endless… I’ll attach some stuff… Good luck with your tap @ 50Rc. Also a good...
  13. Matt_Maguire

    Material Chemical composition

    ASM only references leaded 4140 in Vol 3 (machining) being used for increased speeds & feeds, EXCEPT at high hardness. Good luck, Matt
  14. Matt_Maguire

    What quality are CNC spindles balanced to?

    That depends, most motors and spindles for turning, boring and milling are G 6.3. Then good toolholders & tooling are G 2.5 ASSEMBLED! Then G 1 & G 0.4 are the real nit-picky stuff. I’ll attach some chit… Good luck, On edit I forgot a visual panel where the G#s live vis amplitude, velocity &...
  15. Matt_Maguire

    Last Day at my old job

    You did it right Gary, we work to get our game and then play ‘till we quit & move on, it’s personal. From ‘88 to ‘93 I was under a 5yr contract as a plant manager. At the beginning of my last year I gave notice I wasn’t interested in continuing my employment (nothing personal), that gave'm the...
  16. Matt_Maguire

    A new inflation reading shows the small business tipping point has been reached

    Another week in the "stir" coming soon?:stirthepot: Looks like a hot bowl to me.:willy_nilly: Matt
  17. Matt_Maguire

    Strongest rod available

    Hmmm, I’ve never tapped steel over 390-440Bhn (aka 42-46Rc)… I have tapped hot work & 4340’s in the 360-390Bhn strength condition using good taps & soluble oil @ around 65-75% thread depth. I checked my ASM Vol3 (machining) and it has an example of H13 being tapped at a slightly higher HT...
  18. Matt_Maguire

    SCM440 case harden

    If the 4140-42 (.40-.45C) is tempered @ 800°F after the quench you get a 45Rc (430BHN) part, about 210Kpsi tensile & 190ish yield for strength. I’d suspect the emergency blanks aren't that hard… If it were for low use I’d prolly see if the heat treater had an induction HT tool that would fit in...
  19. Matt_Maguire

    Test indicator arm not moving

    IME the clutch on mits are stiffer than everybody else's with DTI's, just make sure the contact arm is snug in it's hole. Matt