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    Advice re Nut removal on Alexander/FP1

    Hello, a lot of info here: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/deckel-maho-aciera-abene-mills/deckel-fp1-x-axis-1-5mm-play-383485/#post3658668 Spindel removal on Deckel FP1...
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    Weiler Matador VS2 (1972)

    Really good videos, thank you, very nice machine :) Can you make and add one video specific to lathe operation, how to use power feed and speed levers and dials? It has belt and gear options, for mm and inch... complicated. I was looking for this type of tutorial but was not able to find any...
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    Friedrich Deckel , Michael Deckel

    Thanks. In terms of quality, Michael Deckel matches FD?
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    Friedrich Deckel , Michael Deckel

    Hi guys, Are these 2 companies related or is it just the same surname coincidence ? Looks like grinders of Sxx type have the same design, and Friedrich Deckel machines been older then Michael Deckel. Cheers
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    Deckel FP1 type and year

    Thanks. I have feed gears, the complete set has 8 (4 pairs). They are very well made, grounded and "non standard" number of teeth, not sure how they could be made. One of ideas here was to replace that with some sort of step motor and control rotation that way. What I needed to do was to...
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    deckel fp3 drawing

    Hello Ciro, you can go to the "French site", register and get manuals from: Deckel FP3 Cheers
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    Deckel Fp1 . X-axis 1.5mm play

    It is just a straight shank. One can expect that it will be harder to pull it, 80+ years old machine :-)
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    Deckel Fp1 . X-axis 1.5mm play

    Hi guys, I have also started to disassemble my X-axis parts. After removing pin from left handwheel (looking from machine front), I can't remove it easily. Is this right or left thread or just some cone fit? Thanks
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    Deckel Fp1 . X-axis 1.5mm play

    Peter, Just one possible correction, thread is Tr24x4 ? (or different machines have different threads...?) Ivan
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    FP1, "Oldest" vertical head type, lubrication

    Hello, I have MK1 vertical head with BOTH oil and grease nipples (photos). I've disassembled and cleaned head parts, apart from spindle internals - it looks and rotates OK so I didn't opened it's bearings. Oldest user manuals I could find are FP1 from 1938 and Alexander from similar age, but...
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  17. FP1 Vertical Head

    FP1 Vertical Head

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    Deckel indexing head and universal table

    Just wanted to thank you guys for helping me - everithing went well. :) Head is in fact pretty good, it was made by TOS (Czech), for FN25 - their version of FP1. This is image from some web add, complete set for FN25: Cheers