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    AlphaCAM API VBA Help

    Hello everyone does someone have knowledge of AlphaCAMs API/VBA? I would like to add tool holders to the current selected tool, without saving them.
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    Modern Vise Options for VMC

    I would go with Gressel C2 / C3 or the Lang Technik vises.
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    Help with macros

    #802=5 (INSERT CHECK INTERVALL) #801=#801+1 IF[#802LE0]GOTO99 IF[#801LT#802]GOTO99 M01 (INSERT CHECK) #801=0 N99 M99 (YOUR PROGAMM)
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    Tormach or not?

    yeah, we live in the mountains with cows, eat cheese and chocolate and bunker nazi gold under our beds.. :)
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    Tormach or not?

    Usable height in the basement is around 190cm (6.3 feet) Everything needs to go down a few steps downstairs.
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    Tormach or not?

    I just discovered the Emco Concept Mill, maybe this would be something for me: Concept Mill 55: EMCO lathes and milling machines for CNC turning and milling
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    Tormach or not?

    Yeah :) but overall machine height is the problem for my basement :)
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    Tormach or not?

    Speed is not a problem right now. I know that a tormach cant be compared to a used "pro" machining center, I am just not sure what kind of tolerances and surface finish I could accomplish with a tormach 440.
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    Tormach or not?

    Thanks for your reply. What kind of tolerances in aluminium are we talking about with a tormach? Can I for example mill a d=30mm H7 (1.18") pocket? And what about reaming?
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    Tormach or not?

    Hello everyone! I am a cnc programmer / machinist, currently working with machines like Makino, Brother, Enshu and OKK. I am thinking of buying myself a Tormach PCNC 440 (fits in my basement). For someone who owns/owned a Tormach: Is this machine too much of a "toy", when you are used to...
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    Zoller TMS

    Hello! I am the project leader for our Zoller TMS integration at our company. So let me know if you have any questions about it! We are very happy with it!
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    MAS-A5 operations manual in PDF?

    Right now I have a the quick manual (40 pages) as a pdf. Maybe I can get the full manual as a pdf.
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    Anyone using Zoller's TMS?

    Still relevant? I am the project leader for the TMS in our company. We startet with a presetter from Zoller and added TMS in 2019. Ask me anything :)