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    Need basic 2d cad, cheap

    Solid Edge 2D is free
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    GD&T Interpretation: Using Symmetry on Hole Through Shaft

    I am having trouble interpreting this drawing from a vendor to verify some fits for assembly. I hadn't seen symmetry used as a geometric characteristic of a hole before and am having trouble interpreting it. Could anyone help me understand this?
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    Standards on Internal Diameter Knurling?

    This part we make is intended to be press-fit over a plastic tube, the ID is knurled. We have been having issues with tolerancing, and I have been assigned to review the part and make sure it was designed correctly. First thing is to familiarize myself with the knurling process. Since it is a...
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    Inside Mic for Measuring Internal Groove

    I am hoping to find an internal groove mic able to measure the part below: The Starrett 701 is just a reference to show it does not have the depth needed. Does anyone offer a set with a slightly deeper reach?
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    UNS Number for Olympic Bronze Type A?

    ====UPDATE==== Here is what I got from Chase Copper & Brass: Good Morning Daniel, Larry Muller suggested I look through some of the old Chase Brass Mill documentation that we have and I was able to find a couple of pages in an alloy handbook dating back to 1948 specifically calling out...
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    UNS Number for Olympic Bronze Type A?

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I may be a proprietary designation, The cast pattern drawing it is called out on was from '46 made by Con. Edison. So it was before UNS came about. I will definitely reach out to the association you mentioned!
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    UNS Number for Olympic Bronze Type A?

    Good Morning Everyone! I am trying to find an associated UNS number for "Olympic Bronze Type A". Which is a Silicon Bronze for Casting. All that I am able to find is a ASM code Cu-22 which is the Alloy Digest article number from 1955. Since I would have to pay for that my search as come short...
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    Lathe ID? Old Treadle Lathe w/ Pinstriping

    Came across this lathe recently, still trying to find out who made it. Any thoughts?
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    Grinder Stand Identification

    I do have a lineshaft waiting to be hung up and a stationary steam engine sitting off to the side for my future dream shop. It will likely be cleaned up and set to the side to await future work. You never come across these things so I bought it as soon as I saw it before planning much ahead
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    Grinder Stand Identification

    I stumbled across this stand and bought it (to save it from becoming an arts & crafts project). Now I am trying to find what machine fit to the top. I assume it is a center driven grinding wheel, but I thought I would post a picture here incase it looks familiar to someone. I am sure I can get...
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    JM Nash Spindle Sander?

    I saw this on the Facebook marketplace, no affiliation with the seller. But it seems like a very interesting and unusual machine. Thought everyone here would appreciate the pictures:
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    Brown & Sharpe Pocket Surf III For Sale

    I likely worded this wrong, I was trying to explain that the payment will be for goods and services and explain that I was eating the fees for the buyer protection. I wasnt trying to indicate that I was going to charge extra on top of the price of the item. Im sorry if I caused confusion
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    Brown & Sharpe Pocket Surf III For Sale

    Still available, Ill consider any offers.
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    Emmert Turtleback Vise #2/96 Front Jaw Measurement Help Please

    Off topic, but how difficult was it it get the longer pin out of your vise? I have been working at getting the pin out of the one I recently purchased but it is giving me a fight. Its currently soaking in kroil but Im thinking it may be bent.
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    Brown & Sharpe Pocket Surf III For Sale

    Id argue the condition is a bit worse than mine. It is also missing the probe cover and doesn't come with an extra probe. Open to offers.
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    Brown & Sharpe Pocket Surf III For Sale

    No excuses can change or make up for the fact I dropped the ball on our deal with the Starrett Level, I do not blame you for not wanting to do any business with me as I would feel the same way if the roles were reversed. All I can offer beyond that is my apology for the screw up. That being...
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    Cannot reply to private message, user's inbox is full.

    Cannot reply to private message, user's inbox is full.
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    Brown & Sharpe Pocket Surf III For Sale

    I have a Brown & Sharpe Pocket Surf III For sale, Everything in the picture is included. I've only used it a hand full of times, now it has been sitting for a while. Batteries were taken out after use of course. Asking $850 OBO Thank you,
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    Craigslist funny time!

    I mean if the seller says he saw one sell for more then it must be a good deal..