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  1. packrat2

    944 A 9" lathe purchase

    Quote "it does not come with any manual, so that would be great to get as well!" The manual for that lathe is "How to run a lathe" printed by South Bend many years ago, hard copy's can be found, also down loaded on the net or reprints, your son should get a copy, it started me on a path of...
  2. packrat2

    944 A 9" lathe purchase

    I would also think that $2,000 is too much for the lathe, as the seller is a family member.?? The 9 inch SBL do not usually go for that much, maybe a heavy 10 inch SBL would with some tooling...
  3. packrat2

    My 10L up and running

    G-ManBart, Very good photos, I would like to make one also, thanks.
  4. packrat2

    Heavy 10 rescued from the melt shop furnace

    Quote "Somebody destroyed the ID tags and serial number Etc." Do you think it was stolen and someone destroyed the South Bend ID tags thinking it would help.???
  5. packrat2

    South Bend questions

    That looks like a good set of carbide tools, but better used with a quick change tool post, not a old school lantern tool holder...
  6. packrat2

    Refurbished 1947 9A for sale in Portland, OR

    Good for you, looks like a very nice lathe.......
  7. packrat2

    South Bend questions

    sent you a PM about lathe tools....
  8. packrat2

    South Bend questions

    Quote "Is it possible to find a boring bar set up for the lantern style tool post? " Yes there is, I well look and see if I have one laying a round here, will let you know.....
  9. packrat2

    South Bend questions

    If your employer will not help with upgrading the tooling on the lathe maybe you will need to buy some yourself.?? Lots of photos and help here with data plate and gear train set up...Will employer sell you the lathe.???
  10. packrat2

    Just bought an old South Bend 10

    Yes 1725 RPM motor is the right one, looks like that lathe was left out side for a while....
  11. packrat2

    SB 9 A....... Had to disassemble

    Quote "been advised to roll my own gasket." Yes, that is about the only way you're going to get one.
  12. packrat2

    Husband passed away and looking for value of South Bend Lathe

    Glad the lathe is running, it will make a fine machine for the new buyer....
  13. packrat2

    Husband passed away and looking for value of South Bend Lathe

    Inside the back panel {as per photo} looks clean and motor is there belt is there, this model has a variable speed drive and three phase motor, a lot of high school shops had this model.
  14. packrat2

    Husband passed away and looking for value of South Bend Lathe

    I priced a 14 inch SBL once, it went for $1500.00..If I was looking for a lathe, would not want anyone to try and clean it up, {possessable do more damage than good} most buyers want unmolested machinery...
  15. packrat2

    vee belt information

    Do you have the old belt.? If not go to McMaster-Carr's page and look up V-belt information it will tell you how to measure for a new belt..Hope this helps soom..
  16. packrat2

    13" threaded spindle nose sizes

    Let's hope your friends lathe has the 2 1/4-8 inch spindle nose, chucks are easy to find and like MrWhoopee said you can use 5C closer..
  17. packrat2

    3 phase wiring

    O.K 220 volts is easy to check, do you have a meter.? You need three hot wires to the motor, change any two to change rotation, start your phase converter and check voltage out to the motor..
  18. packrat2

    3 phase wiring

    There are some good YouTube video's on how to hook up a phase converter.. Just search you tube for how to run a phase converter.
  19. packrat2

    13IN SouthBend Lathe Inquiry

    #4 McMaster-Carr for taper pins #6 Nothing, be every carful