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  1. fciron

    Delta Rockwell 17"-600 drill press stop rod nut

    People often count one too many threads when holding them up to a ruler. There’s a bit of a knack to it. On v-threads it’s usually described as counting crest to crest. For acme threads I’d use one of the corners. If it’s ten tpi then the one inch mark should just touch the same corner on the...
  2. fciron

    Levelling foot selection help?

    My mill sits on these, but my floor is flat and close to level. Vibration Damping Pads, 4" Long x 4" Wide x 1/4" Thick https://www.mcmaster.com/5713K9 I suppose you could put down some steel pads and then set the pads and mill on those to clear the hump.
  3. fciron

    Pexto Model 298

    Roper Whitney has cut way back on support for the Pexto machines. You might be able to get a drawing to have some new tools made.
  4. fciron

    Modify Carbide Tool

    Yes, I meant the Green silicon carbide wheels. They can be treated nearly the same as aluminum oxide wheels, the dresser only needs to overcome the adhesive bond, not the silicon carbide. I use one of those t shaped things with the diamond grit on the end.
  5. fciron

    Modify Carbide Tool

    I do ok sharpening carbide lathe tools with the green grinding wheels. They’re easily available in local stores.
  6. fciron

    Can you identify this spindle style please. 1930 Reed Prentice Lathe as near as I can tell. I want to put a new chuck on it. .

    Looks like a square or acme thread. Even a ruler should get you close enough to identify the thread, then work from there. 2-3/4” 4tpi doesn’t seem to be a standard acme thread, so you may be looking at making a new back plate.
  7. fciron

    O.T. Copper sink patina.

    Liver of sulfur is the traditional darkener for copper, its alloys, and silver. Usually comes in lumps, dissolve in warm water, brush on, wipe off repeat until desired color is achieved. Use finer grits of wet/dry paper to hit the highlights. Use wet, it will be easy clean up in the sink.
  8. fciron

    Cotton waste, used for cleaning machine rooms in ships, called "twist"

    20 years ago We bought one of those bales of rags from goodwill. It was not shredded and was almost entirely synthetic fabrics and not very absorbent.
  9. fciron

    Cotton waste, used for cleaning machine rooms in ships, called "twist"

    Sailors traditionally had access to a material called “tow” in English which was the unraveled fibers of ropes. Probably in sacks from the chandler at the beginning of the voyage supplemented by unraveling old ropes over the course of the trip.
  10. fciron

    ISO tool sharpening service

    If you try Boggs please report back and tell us how it does. https://boggstool.com/
  11. fciron

    1/4 UNC Internal thread inside of Sch 40 ½" pipe (ID ~ ⅝")

    It’s just a hanger? Turn a snug fitting plug and pin it, or a light press-fit plug and glue it.
  12. fciron


    I didn’t say it was a bad thing. 😁
  13. fciron


    You’ve been around here long enough to know that 90% of the posts don’t answer the actual question.
  14. fciron

    Newbie tailstock question - Goodell-Pratt 125

    I have a Goodell-Pratt 125 which a tool rest, rather than the cross slide assembly. Mr. Stretch has it about right. I’m afraid that learning machining on it will teach you more about using that specific lathe than machining in general. Whichever lathe manual you get your hands on, you won’t...
  15. fciron

    Are tailstock turrets any good?

    I don’t use drill chucks on mine. I have a chunk of 5/8” CRS that fits the sockets in mine. Only takes a few minutes to make a bushing if I need one. The bushings get a flat (rough and ready from the grinder) so they won’t spin in the socket and cross drilled & tapped for a set screw to hold...
  16. fciron

    Are tailstock turrets any good?

    That’s how I use mine. Haven’t found a good tapping solution. I usually use my cordless drill and spiral point taps.
  17. fciron

    Are tailstock turrets any good?

    I’ve got one of the Enco tail stock MT mounted turrets and it’s pretty flimsy. It works well for drilling and countersinking holes, which serves my purposes. I don’t think I’d try to run a box tool or other real turret lathe tooling in it.
  18. fciron

    What is the best method to measure this hole

    This is a three year old post. No point answering the OP’s question now.
  19. fciron

    Sperm Whale Oil

    Have you opened it and sniffed it yet? Could look fine and still be rancid. I have a can of lard oil that came out of the back of a paint store and I’m never opening it again. Once was enough. 🤢
  20. fciron

    Pickup hitch mounted hoists/engine lifts

    A-frame needs to pivot inside the bed if you want to put an object in the bed. If you winch it past TDC your load will just fall into the bed.