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    Hyundai Hit8s 840c is there more than 1 backup battery?

    My hit8s has worked great for the last 2 years but when I went to start yesterday I got a "43 ORD1 PLC-CPU not ready". I went into diagnostics and started the NCK and it worked fine. Made my parts. Started it again today and same error/fix. The 9v lithium backup battery on the cpu is at 9.2v...
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    Idealarc RT3S-325 with a LN-7 wire feeder

    I recently bought a near new Idealarvc CV-305 with LN-74 feeder from a guy who said the feeder "might not" be working. Back at my shop, plugged it in and saw that the feeder breaker was popping on the front panel. It had a 20' factory (I think) extension on the feeder control cable. The fitting...
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    Electric forklift replace battery with EV battery

    The guy who had Tesla batteries in his 48 v order picker broke the batteries apart into 24 v sections. As I recall, he said they were older model S donor batteries.
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    Electric forklift replace battery with EV battery

    Theres a Tesla hacker out here in the Bay Area. The guy you go to to unlock your Tesla for drag racing or get "special" software written and installed. He has an order picker with Tesla battery modules installed, 48v. Yale I think. He made his own battery management system for it. I was at his...
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    PILZ PNOZ operation - how does it work?

    I started having problems with my 2000 DMU50V Millplus control related to the safety chain. I replaced a few of the cabinet relays that had high resistance contacts, and some of the e-chain relays on the servo control boards. That helped a bit but still was getting errors that froze the machine...
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    Philips, Grundig, Millplus Information Collaboration

    I was having problems with my 2000 DMU50V with Millplus 4.0. X53, X04, Z04, and other errors related to the E stop chain usually when opening or closing the door. I received some advice from another member and replaced some of the Estop relays in the cabinet and some of the relays on the DDC...
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    94' Hyundai HiT 8S machine parameters loss

    I have the hard drive from my HIT 8s 840c saved onto my computer. I looked around for a minute but didn't see the parameter file. Do you know what it's called?
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    Iffy lift of the day... 16,000 lb (weight) forklift with 15,000 (capacity) forklift....

    We used to ship containers of machinery out of our shop in SF through the port of Oakland that were overweight, right at 60k lbs by bribing the drivers ($500). We lifted to the trailers with 2 forklifts, a 20,000 and a 15,000. Exciting, but we never dropped one!
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    Moving a Hexagon Optiv 2 Reference 2Z443 CMM

    Hexagon wouldn’t tell me anything about shipping preparation. they wanted me to get a service contract and pay them to move it for me and calibrate afterwards.
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    Moving a Hexagon Optiv 2 Reference 2Z443 CMM

    Well, here's what I ended up doing. Locked the two z axis by bolting alum plates from the lower frame to the bearing trucks. (I just drilled them out onsite with a hand drill). Then made up a plywood plate that fitted over the X Y table. Screwed carpet padded 2x4s to those for a tight fit. The...
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    Moving a Hexagon Optiv 2 Reference 2Z443 CMM

    Im moving a Hexagon Optiv 2 Reference 2Z443 CMM tomorrow. I don't have the manual for transportation but the OP manual I do have indicates that there are "transportation clamps" that fix the axis. Im trying to get the info from Hexagon but dont know if I will be able to unless I get a service...
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    2000 DMU50V Millplus won't get past I01 initialization

    As of today, if I start the machine, it will stay running for about 5 min if I dont move anything. If I reference and run a warmup program, I cant run for more than a minute or so. Either way, I get the X 53+ error which is "drive not responding" the + means a second error. That error is...
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    2000 DMU50V Millplus won't get past I01 initialization

    Im guessing it needs to have the caps replaced on either the output module, a bad IGBT, (ordered a new one), or bad caps on the DDC2 board. I searched far and wide for a manual on the Heidenhain DDC2 boards to figure out if I could swap test to another axis and there is no info on those boards...
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    Swapping Heidenhain DDC2 drive controllers to test - Simodrive 611

    Im trying to troubleshoot a simodrive 611 with Hiedenhain DDC2 optical drive controllers. I want to swap the DDC2 modules to see if the error (x53) follows to another axis. I searched both machine forums and the Siemens site and seems like no one has ever done this type of test. Has anyone ever...
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    2000 DMU50V Millplus won't get past I01 initialization

    Replaced the 16K31 contractor in the cabinet. One of three that controls the safety circuit. A used contractor but tested good. Started getting E60 and E61 errors along with the other ones. Swapped the relay out with the original and still getting the Z04 error when closing the door. Now...
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    2000 DMU50V Millplus won't get past I01 initialization

    So Im still getting X 053+ errors once and a while. I think its the X axis servo section failing. The error is "Drive not responding". This is a fatal error and requires a control restart. Im still getting the Z04+ errors when closing the door. This is a "Max following error too large". These...
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    Ok to mix rev version on Siemens simodrive Lt module 25 amp 6SN1123-1AA00-0BA0?

    Is it ok to mix rev versions on these drives? I see lots of rev A versions for sale on the used market but few version C. Im replacing a version C. Ive got the optical style modules installed in the 6SN1123-1AA00-0BA0 Im replacing.
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    2000 DMU50V Millplus won't get past I01 initialization

    Want to run a job today and the door safety switch started acting up. It does this once and a while and I just do a soft reset and proceed. Machine was running ok for an hour of two setting up tools before this happened. Then it threw a 53+ error and I had to restart. I tried adjusting the door...
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    S153 annoyance has devolved into S158 and will no longer operate

    I had a S173+ error on my DMU50V and it was a bad upper bearing. Pretty easy to replace, I wrote up a fairly detailed procedure here. The door switch is also a problem on mine. I think they eventually wear out and start giving errors. I also get random errors when the door opens or closes some...
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    DMU 50 T 1998 dnc problems

    I have a DMU50V with Millplus. I’m using a moxa ethernet to RS-232 converter. I am using the free moxa software. It works perfectly. You can get the maximum port speed of 56K with it. I have a post here that describes the install process and the correct settings for a millplus