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  1. Turbowerks

    filtering air for plasma?

    Wix makes a nice screw on filter element for water, I installed one on all my machines that use air , change them out every 6 months. I do have a refrigerated cooler on though just extra protection from water vapor
  2. Turbowerks

    Wheel modifications for trucks

    Thats exactly what i told the guy, if that wheel broke, don’t matter why and you run into a , well anything, this insurance co will look at that insurance company and on and on until the well is dry. But it looked cool. Besides my insurance is set up as if it flys, drives or gets put in a...
  3. Turbowerks

    Wheel modifications for trucks

    Hello chipmakers, I had a client come in today wanting us to machine the holes bigger in alcoa semi tractor wheels. The holes are the design holes for the lightening or the looks of the wheel not the mounting or pilot hole. Im thinking this is a huge liability issue if there were a failure...
  4. Turbowerks

    Welding connecting rods

    You’ll be fine many antique tractor pullers have done this for years, cut weld box and straighten, long stroke 2 cylinders have some incredible piston speed even at low rpms.
  5. Turbowerks

    OT- Suggestions on removing hydraulic oil stains from pervious concrete ? Hotsy ?

    I found if you like playing with things that can burn use a little gas or clean solvent, then add the floor dry to soak it up seems like it floats the stain to the top.
  6. Turbowerks

    Water brake dyno setup

    A little late but a retarder off of a class 8 truck would hold probably 700-800 hp or more since they are driveline speed. A eddy current controller is a pretty simple build. Most are air cooled.
  7. Turbowerks

    Mp8 probe shows not touching when it is touching???

    I’ll take a look at that again , my electronic brain is out to lunch , i can wire building and simple circuits but this stuff stumps me. Thanks
  8. Turbowerks

    Van Norman 777-6, Serial # 3989 boring outboard engine blocks

    Never ran a triple 7 but many others, pop the cover check the drive keys that slide up and down , or splines whatever that has. Could be a worn key or gear that it slides in. My old storm does that too, just a very experienced bar.
  9. Turbowerks

    Water brake dyno setup

    I had a 3500 hp dyno used on pulling diesel motors, got rid of it before someone got killed on my time. I had a 1500 gallon tank underground and it would only get warm to the touch 95deg i would guess after a few break in passes and some full power tuning passes. Break in might last 5 min passes...
  10. Turbowerks

    Mp8 probe shows not touching when it is touching???

    I just installed a touch probe mp8 on my fadal using a mi12 and a omm. It is working backwards. When it is not touching it says it is and when it is touching it says it’s not. Any ideas im fresh out other than trying a different omm from another machine i have.
  11. Turbowerks

    Mp8 using MI12 interface says probe contact when not touching

    Hello fadal users, im stumped bought a used mp8 so i could have a extra probe to leave one in each machine (ac 4020 with nxgen upgrade installed). The tool setting probe functions correctly but the mp8 says its touching and displays position at the location its at. It inhibits movement like it...
  12. Turbowerks

    what is this oil fitting called and how do you oil it?

    If you have room put a grease zirk in it and use a push type oiler solves some of the mess and dirt ingestion…. But if other people use this machine you have to train them NOT to used gun grease! Berco grinders have many zirks that require way oil but used machines invariably have grease in...
  13. Turbowerks

    Automotive machining question…

    Use your flair tool to make a bubble flair slide your hose over it and clamp that that will hold the hose on. Use fuel injection hose if the pressure is high. If you dont have that type of flair tool many auto parts stores rent or loan them.
  14. Turbowerks

    Engine block repair help

    Yes kinda works like brazing almost heat area with the torch, hitting the spay lever and it will look like glass beads spread on the surface. Keep heating and it will start to flow and then just add and build. It will get dull read in the weld area but it doesn’t seem to cause crack problems...
  15. Turbowerks

    55 Gallon drum lid cutters

    Air chisel with the tang on it works wonders, after its cut still need to beat it down but after the top is off use a torch to take the sharpness away. Or as light as these drums are nowdays a nibbler would probably work too
  16. Turbowerks

    Tips for moving a lathe around on skates

    Just moved a entire shop to a new addition we struggled with this too used three skates when we could, found that when we hit the new part with flat and polished concrete the skates behaved much better seemed like the smoother the floor the better. I did run a leveling screw down to just fit in...
  17. Turbowerks

    Engine block repair help

    I have repaired those type accidents with a spray weld torch with success i use a torch goodson sold years back. The powder was the machinable cast. Be careful though don’t get the hard powder or you’ll through the block away
  18. Turbowerks

    Mori Seiki SL-25Y

    What ^ they said i run a old sl25b and that thing just works. Holds tight tolerance every day
  19. Turbowerks

    Why do people dislike BobCad

    I hear you on the questions, ive been through different versions since 17, from the mid 20’s to the current version they have been keeping the same look but adding functionality in what see. I do subscribe to the support which gts you a call back quicker and they seem like they know whats going...
  20. Turbowerks


    Merry Christmas Richard ! Wishing you a great season and new year