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  1. Patrick Black

    Longitudinal Feed Stop for DoAll Surface Grinder

    To address Stephens comment about the potential for flex, I set up the following test. I have the holder attached to the spindle housing and the indicator tip against the chuck. I then ran the stops up against the fixed blade and tightened the jamb nuts. I tightened the clutch on the feed...
  2. Patrick Black

    Longitudinal Feed Stop for DoAll Surface Grinder

    Yes, what Stephen said. Thanks Stephen. Specifically, for starters, I would like to grind the ends of end mills using the face of a cup wheel. Maybe. I haven't tested that yet. With the finger gauge, it seems pretty rigid with both blocks brought fully to center, i.e. table lock position. I...
  3. Patrick Black

    Longitudinal Feed Stop for DoAll Surface Grinder

    Back in February I got a DoAll VS 612 surface grinder. Being a basic unit, it didn't come with any provisions for limiting or arresting the longitudinal table travel. I searched PM as well as other forums to see if anyone had posted a solution. I found several posts where it was talked about...
  4. Patrick Black

    Can I use a mill as a boring machine

    Did anybody see the gadget in the ebay add? It's definately not a 944 portable bar he's looking at. Looks more like a hot plate on a wood table top? Does that thing have any merit? I know it says Van Norman and all, but not what I was expecting before I looked.
  5. Patrick Black

    Rock Moss Green Formula for Benjamin Moore P22 Coating

    I used Purdy synthetic sash and chisel tip brushes that were already broke-in from house painting. I tried an artist-type brush but that paint was real draggy once the brush got loaded. The house paint brushes were stiff enough to deal with it.
  6. Patrick Black

    Rock Moss Green Formula for Benjamin Moore P22 Coating

    This thread is hilarious (and flattering). You know fellows, when I came up with this color a couple years ago, I just dumped a few glugs of this color and a several glugs of that color etc. into a bucket and I stirred it all up and just kept adjusting it till it was close enough. I was...
  7. Patrick Black

    Tiebar Hendey gearbox disassembly question

    It's a tapered pin. Mine is mushroomed on the big end. The small end is flush with the collar. Pat Black
  8. Patrick Black

    Hendey 14 by 6 Tie-Bar Rehab

    Thanks All, It's been a little over two years since I finished this. The lathe is in service and running well. I dragged a barrel of swarf out of the chip pan a couple weeks ago. Pat Black
  9. Patrick Black

    Restore it or not?

    How does one use a candlepin bowling lathe? I doesn't appear to be built for a banjo and toolrest with the web running down the center of the bed. The bevel gears look to be the same size, so one crank of the handle will give one spin of the pin. That would be pretty slow for wood turning...
  10. Patrick Black

    Hendey 14x6 #19533 any info, please!

    Hey Jfulmer, Post 20 in the following link is Hendeyman's explanation of how the factory techs would set the running clearance in Hendey tapered spindles. http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/antique-machinery-history/hendey-2g-mill-project-geared-head-universal-mill-171681/ Of course, John...
  11. Patrick Black

    Paint Material Advice for Machine Tool Restoration

    I missed this thread the first time around. Here's a quick rundown of what I think I know about enamel paints. Maybe I should clear up what is meant by the term "synthetic". Synthetic enamel is a term use in automotive circles which is synonymous with oil base or alkyd enamel. These enamels...
  12. Patrick Black

    US Tornados

    I'm surprised they're talking about it on the other side of the Atlantic. Turn on CNN stateside and all they're talking about is Obama's birth certificate and the Royal Wedding. The weather channel and the locals are the only TV coverage we've seen. Seems the national channels can't be...
  13. Patrick Black

    New Member; First Post; Interesting Old Lathe

    OK, I'll ask So what does the red one do? :confused: Coffee Grinder? Pat Black
  14. Patrick Black

    Tools - scrapers?

    I see from left to right. Three bearing/ deburring scrapers. The rest look like common woodwhacking lathe tools. Three spindle gauges, a square scraper used by woodturners to true up tennons and such after roughing with a parting tool and four skew chisels. Pat Black
  15. Patrick Black

    Patrick Black's Paint Recipe

    This has been bugging me all day at work. Tonight I went out and mixed up two batches in baby food jars with the relative proportions of the 4 colors marked on the side. One batch was made with two parts black per the original posted recipe and the other with 2 parts Oliver green. The batch...
  16. Patrick Black

    Patrick Black's Paint Recipe

    Correction and Apology. Fellows, I just checked the remaining can of paint I had left from the Hendey project which had the formula written on the lid with a sharpie. It's the same as shown in the third post. However the proportions of black and oliver green seem wrong. Based on what I can...
  17. Patrick Black

    Identify these shop mysteries?

    Called "gib keys" or "gib-head keys". They're often used to hold flywheels and sheaves on old stationary engines. They fit in a keyway like a regular square key, but the taper allows them to lock the hub to the shaft without using any other mechanical fasteners such as a shaft nut or set screw...
  18. Patrick Black

    Early 1900's Hendey lathe teardown

    Hey Mark, Here is a pic of the guts of a Hendey tailstock: I think George gave you some good advice on how to proceed. If you look at the three parts immediately to the right of the base, that's all there is to the clamp. The round thing with part of a circle milled out of it (called the...
  19. Patrick Black

    old Hendey lathe

    That's correct. The thrust washer near the threaded end wears faster than the tapered bearing so after time, the bearing acts like a cone clutch and eventually will lock up tight if it's not shimmed through periodic maintenance. Hard to tell if it's a lost cause without dissassembly and...