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  1. DavidScott

    Recommendations on robot grippers

    I come here to learn so take this in that spirit. Please take note that I said GRADE of PC and not all PCs. Obviously whoever specced the grade of PC to make the Nalgene bottles did their homework, knowing that it would be exposed to many oils and who knows what will be put in them. I also think...
  2. DavidScott

    Recommendations on robot grippers

    Nylon would be an excellent resin for coolant exposure since it is very, very, resistant to chemical attack, as well as strong, abrasion resistant, and generally quite tough. If you use a grade that likes to absorb water, 6/6, then it will expand up to 3%. If you use a better grade in the 6/12...
  3. DavidScott

    Mycenter2 vs Mycenter2x whats the difference?

    What years? As that probably matters.
  4. DavidScott

    Programming to machine an array of parts

    If the parts are exact distances from each other I will shift the work offset. If their positions may change some then I use separate work offsets for each part. Here is part of a program for reference. Each sub machined 4 parts for efficiency. This is faster to set up than using separate...
  5. DavidScott

    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    I think the A control you want to stay away from as well as early B controls, but not sure about the B control limitations. Hours alone is not a good measure of wear since how well it was maintained makes a big difference.
  6. DavidScott

    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    Be real careful about doing many moves where one screw is going back and forth .01-.02" as it can push the grease out and damage that section of the screw. You can control the order of operations by selecting starting points. Fusion will start at those points in the order they are selected.
  7. DavidScott

    How to deep slot on a speedio?

    Something like this is what I would try, I might even get a 3/8" version to try too. 2 each so you're not too afraid of breaking one finding out how hard you can push it. I bet your limitation will be chip evacuation. Full DOC and HSM paths with a predrilled hole.
  8. DavidScott

    How to deep slot on a speedio?

    1/2" coarse tooth corncob mill would be my pick to rough with in a Maritool stubby sidelock holder, pretty sure the tool will break before causing real damage with that much stickout. Clearing the chips will be the hard part but at least you can get your coolant nozzles close to the cut. Full...
  9. DavidScott

    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    So you didn't RUN the Fadal. If all you want is a toy then the Fadal is fine, but if you do any production the Brother, or similar good machine, will make the same parts 2 to 3 times faster. That may just be numbers if you're not the one running it. If you are making the parts then the better...
  10. DavidScott

    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    That is not my experience with either a 1996 Enshu or a 2001 Kitamura. Tech help and parts availability from the MTB was always excellent from both when the machines were around 18-20 years old, which was the oldest I needed it. With the parts like rails, blocks, and lube pumps that I could buy...
  11. DavidScott

    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    Having a Brother I can say it is designed to be extremely easy to work on with incredible documentation, especially if you get the service manuals.
  12. DavidScott

    High temp epoxy?

    I used System 3 laminating epoxy to glue an oil cooler back together for my VW after breaking it in half. It was built like a radiator and I never had a problem with for the next 10 years. How much load will there be on your glue joints?
  13. DavidScott

    DIY diamond suspension.

    I just use RO water and have yet to see any problems down to .1 microns. I use it to load strops that are used dry to sharpen knives, with the results inspected under a microscope.
  14. DavidScott

    Haas tech youtube?

    It is interesting to read in the manuals from the MTB how to do the work then watch the tech do his personal slam bam method. It makes me rethink having a tech do the work.
  15. DavidScott

    How to learn speeds and feeds SFM vr IPM

    SFM and IPT are what matter, the rest is secondary. Don't think of RPM or IPM, they don't mean anything. The best way to learn what it means is to machine stuff and experiment. How does the cut sound, how do the tools wear, adjust to improve, repeat until you are no longer machining, the...
  16. DavidScott

    Now Ive done it. Mycenter 2 !!

    Put the indicator on your screw and then on the nut. I used a 4' long 2x4 to push and pull on the table to make sure I was using enough force. If you are using a magnetic holder keep in mind it magnetizes every surface you stick it to.
  17. DavidScott

    Brother Spindle Probe Costs

    Don't forget Blum using polycabonate for the windows in their probes and when they cratered, because that is a comonly known issue with polycarbonate, Blum did nothing.
  18. DavidScott

    Big+ spindle and AD+B holders

    I wouldn't think the face purge air uses the same path as for the spindle bearings so no course of ingress with the coolant there, at least I hope not. I have had coolant get past the pull stud and purge the grease out of the spindle bearings.
  19. DavidScott

    CNC Machine tending

    I always thought the UR cobots were slow until I saw a video of them sorting packaging at warp speed, they actually can move pretty fast. What gets me about the ops setup is how big the mill is for those little parts.
  20. DavidScott

    Horizontal Tapping Head

    Should be fine as long as you don't oil it too much.