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    I guess this guy isn’t happy with his Datron mill!

    A very slick way to badmouth Datron. Astronomically priced so it doesn't sell, incurring no fees. Tough for Datron to force an ad takedown, since it's a "legitimate " attempt to sell it and lots of eyes see it. Good on them!
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    Bath Iron works/General Dynamics

    I'm in the region, but haven't worked there and don't know anyone who has recently. Have a woman friend who welded there in the 90's, her experience/opinion is the place was filled with unhappy sexist pig lifers. I do hope that's changed by now. What's your experience and what are you looking...
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    Surface plate and straight edge auction find.

    If you're wanting to save them, a razor blade can scrape rust off well without harming the scraping. It allows for minute examination of what ya got without diving into a full rescrape and allows a better view of what's there. I'll disagree with any sand/bead blasting as a cleaning method. It...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 question

    And at $1100, you did very well - smokin', in fact :-)
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    Fowler Sylvac Superbore Feeler

    I've no interest in using these and no specific knowledge of them, but a Go Ogle search reveals that this is a pretty high end item. $4K, 2 listings on eBay at the moment. A suggestion, if I may, would be to plug it in, see if it works, assemble a head/handle combination, measure one of the...
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    WADE 10B (need help on speed adjustment)

    Here's a pic that Mike posted in this thread. Looks to me like the normal 94/98 setup., where spindle rpm is changed by the pushbuttons above the headstock and switched on and off on the headstock. Mike, maybe I'm misunderstanding the question, but that "brass dialer" thing on the headstock...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 question

    The hand wheel is usually one of the first things to disappear - reason being it's almost useless. That handle on the right (quill feed handle) is the usual way of making the quill go up and down, cranking the knee up prob 2nd most used (when plunging with a big end mill for example) power feed...
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    O.T. aftermarket vehicle parts

    Rock Auto here, too. They do display the brand name of the part and really all they're doing is offering the opportunity to be your own parts man. I received a front hub from them that didn't have a machined seal surface and got a call from Rock Auto about it. Nice guy, knowledgeable, just...
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    Jones Lamson in Springfield VT

    There's still some of that building left, but a lot of it did come down. It's quite a slab, drove by it last month. There are a few small companies in the south end and a rec center in the north end. About a 1/4 mile of concrete in the middle.
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    Using David Brown adjustable floating reamers - best practice?

    Acquired a box of these, with a cabinet of replacement blades at an auction years ago and never bothered to use them until a few weeks ago when I needed to ream a bushing bore. I got it to size, eventually, but the finish wasn't great. Amazingly stiff and predictable. I hear our friends across...
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    Wade 8a Lathe- Should I Buy?

    And has the capability to put 1.4xx" round through the headstock. And run 5C collets, with minor mods. The 8a is more of a peer to the SB heavy ten than a 9".
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    Lots of spam recently, time for a delay between registering and posting?

    Mebbe. But he's 80, he gets confused every day, 80, he's gonna get away...
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    How to make a major career change into become a tool and die maker and machinist?

    Damn, another deranged Tubes fan. They're everywhere, I tell ya!
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    RIP: craigs list

    Considering that CL has resisted advertising for years and that all my IT friends think CL management is sitting on an untapped gold mine, I'm happy they're still around in want ad form. Can't stand FB, myself. Still occasionally trying to delete my account, unsuccessfully. Happy to buy shit...
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    How were these 1970's winch bumpers formed?

    And so I was compelled to spend an hour watching videos of rotary draw benders. It's all your fault and I hope you're suitably ashamed of yourself. (Just kidding.) And the perfect way to recover from doing my taxes. (NOT kidding.)
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    Somewhat OT: Solar panels on shop roof

    You don't have to. You can build a carport like Doug suggested or do a groundmount install. Easier to clear snow, too. Guaranteed output for 20 years. It'll outlast the electronic thing you typed your answer on by at least 5x. Think some more. Has to do with government priorities. We pay for...
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    Wade 8a Lathe- Should I Buy?

    As an owner of one of these late model 8a's, I echo Andy's post. Looks like there's enough spindle tooling there to suit. If it's close by and you'll use it, you certainly won't get hurt at $3K. Rarely do the ways wear out, the front way is very wide. Mine's ex-Navy, dings in the front way...
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    How were these 1970's winch bumpers formed?

    I'm wondering how many of these you want to make. Onesies twosies could be as simple as shrinking the flanges after forming. Seems like possible tooling costs/methods is dependent on production numbers.