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    New shop building. 3 phase or single phase option?

    I can run everything I need to on my single phase. The op’s stated load would too. So this argument doesn’t apply here. David N…. My post related to cost of operation not installation. You don’t mention your monthly cost operation vs monthly cost of a single phase service. I’m sure it’s...
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    New shop building. 3 phase or single phase option?

    I’ve lusted for real three phase forever. I told this to a buddy who has real three phase. He said stay with single phase as long as possible. His monthly bills are way higher than mine, like 5 times , and i do a whole lot more in my shop than his. Personally for those loads I’d just get an...
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    Coolant foaming bad

    sounds like you’re sucking air into the pump. This will cause foaming. I don’t use that coolant but with my coolant too low a concentration won’t be the cause of foaming.
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    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    I’ve said all this before so sorry for being a broken record. My first cnc mill was a brother tc-s2a. 20+ years old at the time. It was beat when I got it. I did a lot of upgrading and all parts were still available. Toward the end of the time I owned it a servo drive fried in it. This machine...
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    Reduced Shank / necked endmills with corner radius

    This is the the nicest things about having a cutter grinder. It makes these little variations very available quickly. I find myself adding some relief above the cutting edge very often.
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    Brother Spindle Probe Costs

    Also, regarding just the tool length probes, it’s a stinking precision limit switch. The blum tool length probe i had was just a plunger with a little flag on the bottom ( inside) that interrupts a slot photo electric switch. Hardly worth what they want for them.
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    Brother Spindle Probe Costs

    Well, maybe with If Yamazen has a deal with blum their replacement program will be reasonable. In the past blum has been a joke for replacement /repair. I had a znano that got coolant in it. Their fix was that they’d sell me another at 10% off. Scumbags!
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    Head phones, ear buds...

    I'm the only one in the shop so I can do what I want. I personally like to hear the machines run. There's nothing dangerous going on here mostly I just like to hear them. It seems very often when things start to go wrong I can hear it. Personally I think hearing in this way is a big part of the...
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    Brother Speedio 16k spindle question

    A rougher wouldn’t make needle chips and would flush nicely with coolant.
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    Brother Speedio 16k spindle question

    I don’t think you’ll get too close to that diameter drilling it. I tried I think a 1-1/8” drill in aluminum in mine and it stalled the spindle. I use a 3/4” drill pretty often in aluminum and I think that’s about as big as I’d want to go. I think you’re going to have to drill it 5/8” or so and...
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    Subspindle Lathe (Miyano Fanuc) parting off

    Good info! Thanks Ox. I hadn't thought of working off the already finished face of the part that's been transferred to the sub spindle. I'm still digesting what you said above but I think that's the gist of it. I guess it would be easyish to keep track of that position. My thinking in using...
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    How many cutters did you neck down in the last week?

    I've been grinding my own too. It's quick, gives me very good flexibility, and no lead times.
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    Subspindle Lathe (Miyano Fanuc) parting off

    Yea, the one I have (shown in photo) is the Miyano parting off tool block. It's all carved out to get in very close. The machine has C positioning for both spindles and when in this mode it holds the spindle in position so should be able to twist it off by putting the main spindle in...
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    Subspindle Lathe (Miyano Fanuc) parting off

    I bought a Miyano BNC-42S5 Lathe a few months ago and am working on getting some parts running on it. It's been a slow process because I've been busy with lots of stuff and also have a lot to learn. This is my first Subspindle lathe, first Fanuc, first live tooled lathe. Lots to learn. Fanuc 21...
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    Show me your Planes

    Here is one I made about 25 years ago. It's for cutting the male dovetail part of a sliding dovetail. I found that cutting the female part with a router worked fine but cutting the mating male part with a router or any kind of machine it was way too easy to go from too tight to too loose. This...
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    Time to Hang it Up

    Those machines ought to be easy to sell. I’d list locally for a while and see how it goes. Seems 95% of facebook and craigslist contacts are loosers so you’ll get a line of them contacting you. But if you can do it this way you get more of the money. Offer tooling as an optional up charge.
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    WTB Transformers

    Check hgr. Transformers galore. I just bought a 45kva from them. Shipping was tolerable (wi to wv)
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    Somewhat OT: Solar panels on shop roof

    Well not likely. There's nothing going to convince me that putting all that crap my roof, any roof, is a good idea. The roof and foundation are the most important parts of the house. Having a bunch of monkeys running all over it installing a bunch of soon obsolete electronics isn't a good idea...
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    Somewhat OT: Solar panels on shop roof

    I have a standing seam roof. No way in hell I’d clamp all that crap to it. The roof metal is very thin and only lasts because of the coating. I’m not buying the idea that clamping to the seams doesn’t damage the coating.
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    Maritool now has stubby BT30 3/4" sidelocks

    I don’t use 3/4 tools much but for sure my haimer is going in one of those stubby holders.