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    Is SPI Any Good??

    I agree with RJT. for my money I would go with Mits or Starrett. That being said I have a pair of no name very nears and they are fantastic, for my purpose.
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    Are we losing expertise and institutional knowledge?

    They say there is no dumb question but this question is on the boarder line. We do a lot of casting work and even on foundry side I can see over the past 5 years things have one down hill. Quality is really suffering, for example used to recieving a casting in and it was ~ 90% clean of no-bake...
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    Help Tool loaded Wrong

    Just start writing checks and it will come out............... Eventually
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    Cincinnati Bickford Radial Drill HELP!

    On mine there is a handle as shown in the above photo. as I recall it is attached to a shaft running horizontally. pushing up or down will engage switches. So mag locks off Give that handle a right good push up or down. Mine is fussy, sometimes it goes right into motion others I have to hang on...
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    Benefits of Hydraulic Power in machine tools

    Well I am not an authority on hydraulics, that being said hydros are used in Bullard VTLs, Warner Swasey & Gishlot lathes and some gear shapers. I would say more bang for your buck. 1 electric motor, hydro over electric provides more power and affords rapid changing of direction with minimal...
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    Is SPI Any Good??

    I too am a Mits and older starrett metrology guy. I have and do use a couple SPI veneers they are okay a bit stiff compared to the mits. I go for the Mits first then micrometers when measuring is critical to .001 and finer.
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    Need help wiring a reversing switch.

    After reading all the above, I would suggest the following. Hire an electrician or ask a buddy with some electrical knowledge. Not trying to be a smart ass, just want keep you safe.
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    looking for gear hobber 2 dpi

    I am looking into my options for purchasing a gear hobber capable of 2 DPI. All I have found is 2.25 DPI capable. It would have to be used. Have a fellows 100" gear gasher. As of the last few months we have been getting more orders for 2 DPI gears, so finacially it would make more sense to do...
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    Why do people dislike BobCad

    I started out with V25, and am still using it. The powers that be at my shop went with cause of the low cost ~7 years ago). I use it for a VMC, simple things bolt circles, thread milling, etc.. When I first started it I took a basic seminar from them and it was great. Got me off and running...
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    Mill Tooling Setup

    You might reach out to Curtis at Cutting Edge Engineering in Queens Land. He is a very talented and meticulous chap, he has some very good tooling and is knowledgeable as where as to obtain it.
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    Amada HA250 Bandsaw Switch Identification

    I found this site has schematics and such. There are several different models and I am not sure which one would pertain to your saw, but it might give you a start. https://www.mcspt.com/shop/AMADA_HDA250_HORIZONTAL_BANDSAW_OPERATOR_PARTS_MANUAL.html What function does not work? That would lead...
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    Just a thought...CNC vs. Manual...

    I get it ,I run a Lancer 2000 VMC 95% of time 70-80% of the time 2-40 production parts. The remainder I could do on a bridgeport style mill with DRO much faster and with much more ease. Guess it comes down to how many machines you are willing to have and type / size of parts you usally run.
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    torque recomendations for work holding

    I work with cast iron 99.5% of the time, use 5/8-11 threaded rod for clamping. I have looked up some charts that give clamping force at a given torq value. I am interested in what you guy/gals use to determine how tight to go on your clamps. To reasons; 1) As all of us we are getting older and...
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    FS: Micrometers. a few indicators, #2 Mt drills and some other stuff

    picture 4 H vblocks price? Ill take 'em if the price is right. Also pic 4 H vblocks price
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    Identifying steel type

    The chap that takes our scrap, swarf etc will shoot a piece material we need to identify for free. You might inquire with such an individual to see if he would do it for you.
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    Ghost in the machine

    Please exuse my ignorance. What do mean "reference zero" Does this occur during homing?
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    Power supply keeps shorting out?

    Just spit balling here but does your machine have large resistor to "absorb" the energy from a rapid spindle stop. The proper term elumes me at the moment. When a rapid spindle takes place that energy has to go somewhere, it my be possible that in absents of such a mechanism or problem with it...
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    Victor 1630B engine lathe carriage problem, document needed.

    I appreciate your help, you could email me them at [email protected] Thank you!
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    Victor 1630B engine lathe carriage problem, document needed.

    Bill no it does not move with poer feed or manual operation. I had not used it in a week or two. Went to some work and it was like the gremlins had at it. I have no problem taking the carrige apart to diagnose but, would like to some documentation to see where the problem is most likley to be.
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    Victor 1630B engine lathe carriage problem, document needed.

    When I turn the the hand wheel to move the longitudinal carriage it turns but does not move the carriage. Never crashed or abused. Does anyone have a print of the carriage or encountered this problem. I don't want to just go tearing into this blind. Any suggestions or diagrams of carriage would...