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  1. mister honey

    Question: Will BT30 holders fit in an Erickson QC30 spindle?

  2. mister honey

    Help with Cinci Toolmaster 1B Spindle lock washer

    https://www.mcmaster.com/products/bearing-lock-washers/ Mike
  3. mister honey

    Lewis Machine Tool: New Yahoo Group

    Yahoo Groups went belly up a couple of years ago, now see: https://groups.io/g/Lewis-Machine-Tools
  4. mister honey

    WTB K&T 2HL arbor support and parking attachment

    I like the fabricated riser under the K&T Model K. Mike
  5. mister honey

    1983? Leblond 14" T&D- Completely new to lathes and have no idea where to start.

    Three motors is correct: spindle drive motor, hydraulic pump motor for the servo shift & spindle rocking motion and the coolant pump motor in the tail end leg. From the photos, I'd guess this Tool & Diemaker lathe is a 5HC*** serial number. LeBlond Lathe Parts can confirm this.
  6. mister honey

    Can anyone out there ID this LeBlond lathe?

    It is a LeBlond sliding bed gap lathe. As I recall, the tail end leg is a Navy thing for shipboard mounting. The headstock appears to have the "variable speed handwheel" thing right under the quick change gearbox. A recent post was questioning this handwheel and its function.
  7. mister honey

    Another tpg question

    Back in the old days when TPG inserts were all the go, it was common practice to shim a CBT chipbreaker closer to the cutting edge with a piece or two of paper clip or brass shim stock. Mike
  8. mister honey

    Kennametals Expanding Mandrels

    This is a sleeve for an Erickson Tool Company expanding mandrel, a business which Kennametal acquired circa 1980. IIRC, Bristol Erickson, and perhaps Bristol Tool & Gage were somehow involved in those product lines, but that was 40 years ago. Birla Erickson was an India based subsidiary...
  9. mister honey

    Leblond duel drive mk1 replacement gears

    Many years ago, a friend who worked at LeBlond Ltd. suggested that shaved or hobbed gears would be less costly than their typical hardened & ground gears. You might suggest that approach to LeBlond Ltd. A pair of hobbed gears might be a bit noisier than a ground set, but would function well.
  10. mister honey

    How can I make an out of state sell into a cash on barrel head exchange?

    I did a similar $2500 deal with a seller who agreed to ship via Fastenal. I called the store manager at the Fastenal drop off location and he agreed to act as an agent for both buyer and seller. My check was sent Next Day Air and the Fastenal manager held it until the seller dropped off the...
  11. mister honey

    Taking a poll of those interested in a 10EE Follow Rest casting.

    FWIW: I've been fooling around with this follower rest concept drawing for a few years. It's based on measurements taken from my 1941 round dial, a pair of 10EE steady rest jaws and scaling & sketching several internet photos of the square dial follower rest. Understand that I have never seen...
  12. mister honey

    FTGH: 3 Starrett Red Vinyl Tool Cases

    Free To Good Home: Three shop worn but serviceable Starrett tool cases. One is for a 6 inch dial caliper and the other two are for the 196 dial indicator set. Please pay the shipping via Paypal. Message me to work out the details. Mike
  13. mister honey

    FTGH: Penco Shelf Clips

    Free To Good Home: Qty 88 Penco Clipper "old style" shelf clips per the attached photo. Please pay the shipping cost with PayPal for USPS Priority Mail. Contact via PM to work out the shipping $$$. Mike
  14. mister honey

    Re-machine surface on a 5 feet square Acorn welding table, Greenville, SC.

    Many years ago, I visited a plant that manufactured a logging equipment and the machine frames were huge weldments. At the top of the frame was a 6 foot diameter steel ring, with a 4~5 inch wall thickness. They would mount a large rotary table in the center of the ring and attach a Bridgeport...
  15. mister honey

    10EE Taper Clamp casting possibility - Martin Model

    My casting arrived (Cincinnati, Ohio) this AM, very well packaged and with drawings. The support post was a surprise, but will be appreciated when I get to the machining. Thanks Gary!
  16. mister honey

    Taking a poll of those interested in a 10EE Follow Rest casting.

    I'm interested in a follower rest casting for a round dial 10EE.
  17. mister honey

    Taking a poll of those interested in a 10EE Follow Rest casting.

    Not sure where I obtained this photo depicting 10EE follower rests...perhaps here on PM. As I recall, a much simpler version for the round dial lathe exists, too.
  18. mister honey

    10EE Taper Clamp casting possibility - Martin Model

    As requested, extra $$$ sent via PayPal.
  19. mister honey

    New to me LeBlond Regal Servo Shift, questions

    You might be able to bore the pulley to accept a taper lock type bushing, assuming that the shaft OD isn't too damaged: https://www.mcmaster.com/taper-lock-bushings/
  20. mister honey

    Miller Welder warranty....

    This is only marginally related, but I have an early Miller Digital Elite welding helmet in which the auto dark lens assembly died; a known issue with the early helmets, according to the welding forums. It was out of warranty, but I had primarily used it during two 40 hour welding classes, so it...