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    OT - Broken shoulder and rib

    Haven't said goodbye to mine yet. Twice I've been to urologist and been asked the question "peeing ok?" I say yes, both times as luck (?) would have it, had trouble peeing afterwards for a couple of weeks. Probably a result of the "examination" or I should say violation he subjects me too. I...
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    OT - Broken shoulder and rib

    Doctors at the hospital killed my friends wife. Recovering from Covid and sent her home to early to die two days later Were negligent and missed a key moment in my wifes life that contributed to her death last physical my doctor didn't stick his finger up the exhaust to check my prostate. So...
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    Hot Shot - And CDL Requirements

    A friend was a dispatcher for CR England, said they had trouble getting drivers who could drive Semis with Manual transmissions Another friend drives for Fed-Ex at nights. He's one of just a couple of drivers at his depot who can drive a semi with a manual transmission. He says it's great...
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    Turning long tapers (42-47")

    Mount the material using a tailstock no offset (bad idea.) use a follow rest Use a tool that's ground into 2 1/8" wide cutting faces, offset in the direction of cut maybe a 1/16. So the max cut any face of the tool will cut will be 1/8" wide. So at the start you will be cutting full depth and...
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    Shadow Graph - Size Matters?

    Bigger question is whether you can get it to your shop without damaging in transport. I found out the hard way they are quite 'delicate' to abusive moving.
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    General section co-moderator (re)addition

    Why are you reinstated as a mod? Did you get a time out?:D Were you a very naughty boy?
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    Can the Precision Matthews PM-728VT CNC kit able to do micro machining?

    The local Mex market makes really good Burritos, but not a fan of Cilantro, so I tell them to leave it off. In fact I don't like Cilantro on anything. Mind you if my cute Filipinl customer said I had to spread Cilantro over her cute bod, and lick it off, I probably would....It's all about...
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    Machine Suggestions for Medium Sized Turning

    Would a Mori Seiki SL8 be upto the task?
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    Another Great Pakistani youtube

    I worked in shop in Brea. SoCal I used to stay late to get the work done. Sometimes if I had to make a change I'd go downstairs and look for the guys in the CNC dept. Invariably they weren't around, this would be anywhere from 9-12pm So I'd go to Stevie the manual machinist. I'd ask "Stevie...
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    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    A machine tool salesman isn't likely going to tell you the truth, :) So you have lots of money, your not a business, and you don't want to set any records. I think selling you a Brother is almost reckless. It's a machine you don't need, you don't need the rapids, the very fast tool changes. I...
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    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    Where did I mention a horizontal? If it was the reference to tapping long parts, I do those in a Fadal with 28" Z height. Which doesn't exist in a Brother. As to his 300mm^3 work volume, he does say more x would be usefull. I do a lot of prototype stuff, and consider a 40*20*28 to be the bare...
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    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    Well it automatically makes you a better business man, your programming will improve, your ability to quote jobs will get better, your ability to plan a job and execute will improve, your inbox will be flooded with RFQ's from customers who pay in no more then 30 days, material will become...
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    How to lighten a BMW crank.

    Send the crank to ElectroChrome in Santa Fe Springs (So Cal) They can grind the journal undersize. Build up chrome on the journal and regrind to size. Last time I was there, there was a Rolls Royce crank that was being ground/chromed/re-ground. and a whole shelf of motorcycle cranks waiting for...
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    Honing carbide

    I've never worked in a company large or small that had an inspection dept that I would trust to be able to measure that tolerance. Maybe air gages would work. Hard to justify for 6 parts
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    Could some kind person give me an opinion on drilling stainless please?

    I'd call it a hangover waiting to happen:)
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    HAAS H&T code agreement

    Tis but a scratch
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    HAAS H&T code agreement

    I edited the Surfcam post editor to take the G43 out of programs I posted for a fadal in Format 2
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    Could some kind person give me an opinion on drilling stainless please?

    While it was obvious what the OP meant in his first post I would otherwise agree with you. ------------------------------ I trained somebody who would call a Bridgeport and Endmill, and an Endmill a Bit. Tried to impress on him you have to be precise with your terminology otherwise depending...
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    Could some kind person give me an opinion on drilling stainless please?

    i worked in several English Machine shops and Engineering companies, never heard or read the term cent(s), not say it doesn't get used I've just never seen or heard it (I'm from the UK) Of course not having worked in the UK for 35 years, what do I know?
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    304ss inconsistency?

    I have found with 304 that coated carbide gets 2x the life of uncoated carbide, not sure what sfm your using, I think 100 sfm worked well.