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    Another Royersford 22" Drill

    Don't believe I touched them. They turned smoothly so I just cleaned off the exteriors, painted them and gave them a shot of fresh grease.
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    Another Royersford 22" Drill

    MM- The downfeed drive belt changes easily. Swing the ratchet feed handle straight down and get it out of your way and the lower step pulley mount moves up and down smoothly on machined ways. Be sure not to paint these ways in your resto. There is also an important relationship between the...
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    Another Royersford 22" Drill

    Drill is gleaming and looks the same Dundee. Have a big Cincinnati and Cleereman that get used regularly. This one mostly just hangs out and shines.
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    Another Royersford 22" Drill

    Had a fair bit of Jet equipment when I built that shop. Did the shop and all the equipment I redid at that time in those colors. Usually I'm a light machine gray or semi flat black kinda guy. Also did a Buffalo upright drill similarly- see link below...
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    Another Royersford 22" Drill

    Bought and restored this one back in 2008, but the pictures were lost to Photobucket. New pics attached- might be interesting/helpful to those with new acquisitions surfacing. JMc
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    Gallmeyer & Livingston no15 Grinder

    Yes. PM me your email address and I'll send you what I have.
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    Royersford Excelsior 21 & 22" factory spec sheets w/pics

    I have a restored 22" BB vee belt drill & documentation. PM me if you need photos or info.
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    Shaper for Sale

    HD- Where is it located? Voltage & phase? And pictures, of course...
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    Hendey 15" Friction Shaper restoration

    3/8" dia. feed rod-
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    Hendey 15" Friction Shaper restoration

    Beautiful RCP!- Some pics and dimensions from mine that might help...
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    Buffalo No. 21 floor drill press

    I bought mine mainly because of the 'art deco' look. See link below. The right buyer can turn it into something special... https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/buffalo-no-21-drill-press.281134/#post-2402130
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    Mitts & Merrill Shaper Questions

    Pics and dimensions from my 16" G&E-
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    Shaper to vertical slotter conversion ?

    I wonder how the sump/oiling system worked...
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    Shaper Tooling

    Perhaps 'Dougie' broke the threaded end of tapered the pin off... A tap with a heavy hammer as Gbent says might be the first step. Pics of my 24" G&E.
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    United States Navy machine tool markings

    Here's its brother Mike. Supposedly came out of a defense plant in Minneapolis. No. 884. JMc
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    United States Navy machine tool markings

    Pics from my postwar 24" G & E shaper. Looks like the Navy got it from G & E, the Air Force got it from the Navy, and Johnny got it from them:).