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    Fadal Manual Tool change help

    When your ATC was down, what was the code you used for the manual tool change? I am in the same boat right now. Jeff
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    Fadal Pendant Wiring

    If you go on itscnc website click on resources, wiring diagrams and there you can find the pinout.
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    Fadal vmc15 alternatives?

    A Fadal VMC15 XT weighs in at around 6500lbs. A used Haas you could find but good luck finding parts for an older one and any kind of support. Fadal parts are still available and has a big following. I have seen FADALS going up in price as hobby folks are stepping up to the bigger machines. The...
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    Fadal vmc15 alternatives?

    What it’s worth the Fadal VMC15 XT would be a good machine but be prepared to do some work on one. I have found there is not perfect one for cheap. Do yourself a favor and take way covers off to inspect the rails. I found a cracked bearing truck on my Z axis which lead to even bigger issues. Jeff
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    FADAL VMC15 XT Rebuild

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    Rebuilt CNC88HS with color screen and nuc computer.
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    CAT40 tool holder
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    Nuc computer in pendant
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    Getting more done
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    Air nozzle hooked up to mist plug with solenoid. Program in the Gcode to blow part off during during machining.


    FADAL VMC15XT rebuild
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    Glentek Drive
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    FADAL VMC15 XT Rebuild

    Well have not posted in a while as I have been busy putting machine back together. Here are a few more pics. I just about have it all done. I went ahead and put a new Glentek Spindle drive in to have a bullet proof drive. I replaced the contactors at the same time. I have put a lot of new...
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    Fadal EMC ATC air cylinder bracket

    Looking for Fadal EMC atc slide cylinder bracket or a really good picture of one. I want to retrofit my VMC15 to the air cylinder and get rid of the slide ac motor. Thanks Jeff
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    1998 Fadal VMC15 XT CNC 88HS LCD screen pendant upgrade

    Been working on my Fadal vmc15 xt. I have upgraded the pendant and just wanted to share my experience. This is the screen I used ZK120TN 592/12.1" inch 1024x768 HDMI Metal Case Embedded Open Frame PC Monitor LCD Screen With Scratch Protective Tempered Glass|LCD Monitors| - AliExpress I wanted...
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    FADAL VMC15 XT Rebuild

    Started taking off the left side rail to prepare to put the new one side on. Makes me a little nervous as have never done this before. With a precision dial indicator should not be a problem. Put the new one on the left dial it in to the old one on the right. Once I get the left one dialed and...
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    FADAL VMC15 XT Rebuild

    More pics of the adventure. This machine was so dirty and just plain worn out that I have had to take everything apart to revive it. I am not understanding how chips got where they did! When I got the machine in my shop and took the motor cover off it looked like someone coated it in oil let...
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    FADAL VMC15 XT Rebuild

    Here is a pic of the new O rings for the rebuild of the Bijur injectors. I bought them from grainger. I bought 100 For $3.50. The seals I bought from Motionsource1 and the fit like a glove and are now new again for a fraction of the cost of new. Oh and by the way I used qtips to clean them out...