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    TOS sn 50 b

    Lathes + Machine Tool Archive Lathes + Machine Tool Archive email: [email protected] or write: lathes.co.uk, Wardlow, Tideswell, BUXTON, Derbyshire, SK17 8RP ... Machine Tools for Sale and Wanted Machine Tool Manuals Regards, fusker
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    Information about a compagnie needed

    Found one spelling error immediately (a misplaced comma). Not that it matters in itself really, but may be an indication of fishing attempt. fusker
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    Threading In Reverse With A Threaded Spindle

    Peter from Holland: Beautiful photo. I like the caption: Sicherkeitsfutterflansch Isn't german a lovely language? fusker
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    Control loop for hydraulic piston pump

    Sounds like a fun project. Please keep us posted! fusker
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    Garroting a tree.would it be possible?

    I believe it's Arthur C. Clarke. The trick only works on the equator. Similar to synchronous satellites wich was his invention as well (or so he said!) fusker
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    0t---Shimokita Proving Ground

    Thanks for showing! Some people have all the fun jobs. fusker
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    Cutting threads on an older TOS lathe.

    I own a medium size polish lathe, not a TOS though but an Andrychowska (year 1952 AFAIR). I believe they are similar in many respects. I have copied the manual (including a comprehensive thread chart) and will mail it if you're interested. Send me a PM! Regards, fusker
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    Motor forward / reverse switch

    zebbguy, I know I asked for it but I got cold feet, looking at your drawing. I thought I knew enough of american relay and switch schematics but apparently there are holes in my knowledge. I read another PM thread recently about the different and confusing schematic styles and I fully agree...
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    Motor forward / reverse switch

    Looks like Telemecanique switches but there must be many alternatives. Some questions come to mind: Hole size? Number of poles? (pull out the switch, draw a diagram). Multiple NO and/or NC contacts? Wiring? (see if you can get a BP diagram). Once you have an idea of this, get hold of a seller...
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    German blueprint question

    AFAIK it means R = 0.5 mm. (Radius of corner). Does that make sense? To a german tool-and-die maker no corners are just 'sharp' but more or less rounded. I THINK its 0.5 but it just might be 0.05 so better ask a specialist. Gordon comes to mind! regards, fusker
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    Moderator:Spam to former members

    To the moderator: Message from a banned former member. Gordon has asked me to relay if the constant spam he receives (adverts from sponsors to PM) can be stopped. He's fine with the ban but doesn't see why he has to keep getting unwanted spam. Logicically a ban should go both ways. Kind...
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    First Covid 19 Vaccination Shot Today.

    First Covid 19 Vaccination Shot Today. In and out in under 5 minutes. The second's booked for May 16th, all courtesy of our wonderful national health service. Wrote Limy. Can't resist telling you of my similar experience here in Denmark (Hillerød): First jab: Joined a 200 yard queue in cold...
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    0t---Miners - Bois Du Cazier

    #metoo fusker
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    First post and new acquisition: WWII G.Boley type 2

    Plastic is the title for all newcomers. You can advance to Titanium, I think. Nothing to do with the quality of your posts! I think I can say you're very welcome. Looking forward to news of your search. Best regards, fusker
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    Hydraulic press aeration

    I'm no expert but I thought the tank on #7 seemed too small. I installed a hydraulic centrifuge in Singapore and had to get two local experts to help me out. First thing they said was: Get a much larger tank! We bought one from them, and it worked. Can't explain why but it seems those guys had a...
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    Possble Andrychowska TUE-40 lathe (was newbie needs help)

    I have scans of the original manual. Send me a PM if you're interested. Regards, fusker
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    Help translating German?

    I think I might help you out but the letters are not readable, at least for these old eyes. Sorry. fusker
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    strands drill press

    Strands-CS30-3-parts-manual.pdf - HH Roberts Machinery Many references on the net! fusker
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    Closing threads without noting the reason.

    Who knows, but I seem to recall a new avatar (Gordon B. Clarke Banned). Could be him? fusker