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    FS- Obishi Keiki, Old Mill Vise, Geometric Chasers

    I'm interested in the Vise, but I'd have to know the shipping cost before I buy. I live in KS 67361
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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    So are these the big white worms with a large yellowish head? If these, they do a "tree"mendous amount of damage. Heavy infestation, you might consider firewood.
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    Mobil Vactra #2 Shortage??

    Amazon shows it back ordered.
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    Retirement Tooling Sale

    If still available: Starrett 3/8"-2 1/8" $40 Shipped; Misc Cutter Heads $25 Shipped; Angle Vice $55 Shipped.
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    Would lengthy blackouts create new manufacturing opportunities?

    What were the temps in the 1930's or the 1950's. Get a grip fool.
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    fore end wood

    When I've turned anything that is for function as well as aesthetics and inset rings about the circumference I finish it off by burnishing the rings with a piece of 12 gauge copper wire to give it the black darkened look. Your attempt is well done and I like it a lot. Personally I would take a...
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    End Mills, taps, drills

    They look nice; however unless you're giving them away what's the prices? I'm interested.
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    Timing a Barrel

    thanks fella's, I'll carefully ponder my options.
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    Timing a Barrel

    How best to Time a barrel that screws on ~ 5° beyond top dead center?
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    Uberti 1885 High Wall Trigger

    I would imagine your Browning is very similar. Some (1885's) were made with leaf trigger springs and some with coil, as I understand. My 1885's problem was the wrong spring in the gun and the new spring works great.
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    So is it slowin down? (business/mfrg)

    The Strange Sequence Of Events Happening Now Are Not Random, They Are Direct Attacks On Our Ability To Feed Our Families, Live Our Lives And Keep Our Freedom – America Is About To Burn, Prepare To Defend Yourself Interesting article. Recent LNG facility in Texas explosion is suspected arson.
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    Uberti 1885 High Wall Trigger

    Got the parts and within 15 minutes they were installed and the trigger pull is now a crisp ~4.5#. Couldn't ask for better.
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    OT - Politics thread

    Obama only fixed Michael's bath water.
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    OT - Politics thread

    YES; NATO is worse than stupid. It's just part of the worldwide GRIFT.
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    OT - Politics thread

    ~~~~~~~~~~~Mod Note~~~~~~ Post deleted, Personal Insult ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    OT - Politics thread

    To Milland; AND you believe the one sided story as portrayed by this incompetent and immoral govt.? That alone says volumes about your character and mental state.
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    Uberti 1885 High Wall Trigger

    Not yet Jim; parts should be here tomorrow.
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    Uberti 1885 High Wall Trigger

    Got a replacement trigger spring ordered should be here last of the week, hope that fixes the trigger pull.
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    Uberti 1885 High Wall Trigger

    I'm leaning towards the spring being out of position. I'm the second owner of the rifle and I know the original owner and there's been NO stoning of the trigger or hammer, or sear. I need a detailed picture of the trigger spring correctly in place. Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate it!