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    Elgin / Hardinge lathe help

    Seems to me that it would be alot easier to make new hardinge tapers for the tailstock than replacing the ram. Years ago when I was tooling up my new to me Stark #4 I mounted an existing dead center between centers and set the crosslide to the existing taper to cut new ones. Worked just fine...
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    Need Help identifying a G. Boley lathe

    I would guess that the longer bed models have two feet. Looks kinda modern with the on/off switch built into the base.
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    Need help identifying some machinery

    Pattern maker's lathe? Definitely not a Stark.
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    Ellis Dividing head question

    Possible typo/minor error? My Ellis came with a 3C spindle adapter and drawbar.
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    OT - forum thread navigation request

    Would it be possible to add the thread page navigation buttons ( next, previous, first, last page) to the top of the pages as well? It's a bit annoying to have to scroll down all the way to the bottom to navigate. Thanks
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    OT has anyone here had tooth implants?

    I went thru this last year when I could finally afford to get my mouthful of bad/rotting teeth fixed. I went to 2 of those all-on-4 places and 1 traditional reconstruction dentist. The all-on-4 places promise alot but gave me the willies with corporate new-agey bs. You have to pay 50% upfront at...
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    Delta and Hamilton Sensitive drill press belts

    The belt for my flat belt high speed hammer drilling machine is a leather belt from a thrift shop that I cut and sewed with braided fly reel backing. Still going strong 15 or so years later
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    Stark #4 measurements

    I recently acquired ( thanks Iazz!) A B&S .0005" dti and have taken some preliminary measurements of the spindle of my approximately 140 yo Stark #4 lathe/mill. I measure .0005 - .0010 variance on the inside taper of the spindle. There are 2 noticeable and repeatable lobes, one high, one low...
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    Levin Drill Press Help?

    There is also hollow belting that uses double ended barb bits to hold it together. Used one for years with my Geneva pattern Lorch & handwheel. Don't know the source, my tutor gave it me when I was in college in the uk.
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    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    It's 2023. Nobody cares if a guy buys some fingernail polish. Black works great for covering cracks in abs plastic bodied clarinets.
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    Help me improve my Cataract drive

    ++ on putting the tensioner on the other side of the belt. You didn't describe the actual problem. How you feel using it is up to you.
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    Pratt & Whitney 3C mill tooling wanted

    I suppose we've all made the mistake of buying a machine and then finding out that the extras are unobtainable. Like others have said, the easiest thing is to use what you got and buy some more machines. When I was initially outfitting my shop I ended up getting a Barker PM mill and Ellis...
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    Micrometers, drills, taps, lots of misc. More than 200 pictures of things that could be yours :)

    Thanks for thinking about me, Iazz. No hurry, just curious about my ancient Stark.
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    Micrometers, drills, taps, lots of misc. More than 200 pictures of things that could be yours :)

    Yeah, mis-read the responses before mine. If anybody has a decent tenths indicator & mag base for sale, let me know. I'm idly looking so I can check my ancient Stark #4 lathe/mill.
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    Hendey Planer & Shaper way drip cups

    Also cast iron replacement tallcase clock bells are cheap because they are terrible bells.
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    Brass repair recommendations

    That is called an uprighting tool and was generally used when fitting a new cock or bridge to a plate. Did you look closely at the 2 halves to see if they are marked? Try it with all possible alignments. One can achieve the same in a variety of ways, an inverto staking set, a reasonably well...
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    Micrometers, drills, taps, lots of misc. More than 200 pictures of things that could be yours :)

    I would like pic 5G What is included? Can I also buy a mag base that works with this indicator? Thanks. Edited to fix pic # typo
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    Any suggestions to remove stuck plunger pin in an apron?

    You could also try soaking it in evaporust. If the part is fully submerged it won't do any harm.
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    Go to the local shelter and get a young cat or two. Problem solved.