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  1. goldenfab

    Business Loan for New Home Shop

    I did a few jobs here and there but I pretty much took a hiatus from my business and worked on building full time. My wife has a good enough job that has been able to cover everything. If it wasn't for that it would have been impossible.
  2. goldenfab

    Best YouTube Cad tutorials?

    I learned CATIA in a college classroom. I then learned Rhino 3D and Alibre by just by going through their free tutorials. I learned more from the tutorials and faster. Edit: Rhino 3D
  3. goldenfab

    Riggers in Tucson, AZ

    The only ones I'm aware of are C&M, Hunter, and Southwest Industrial Rigging. I've only used C&M. Scheduling and getting a quote was a major headache but I was to blame for some of it. The guys doing the work did a fantastic job. Good luck getting a quote or getting on anyone's schedule in a...
  4. goldenfab

    Business Loan for New Home Shop

    One thing to note about the construction loan I had is they had me do a line item budget and they didn't cut any funds for the line items until they were done and the bank inspected the work. This may not be an issue for someone using a contractor that doesn't get paid until work is done but I...
  5. goldenfab

    Business Loan for New Home Shop

    I got a home equity line of credit (HELOC) on my last house to kick off building the shop. I then got a construction loan that rolled into a residential mortgage, I used that to finish the shop and build my house. Not many banks do construction loans and only a small fraction that dl will do...
  6. goldenfab

    Engineers and education-where did you go?

    I'd be interested to hear an update on how things went and where you are now? I'm years late to reply but for anyone finding this thread that's interested... I graduated from ERAU Prescott campus with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. My senior design project was the design of what basically...
  7. goldenfab

    solidworks question

    You could always export the parts in question as a new file and then open. I'm not a solidworks user so someone probably has a better answer.
  8. goldenfab

    Laptop Questions for those who are current - CAD/CAM based

    I agree. I don't know of any CAD or CAM that runs more than one thread. Therefore I'd suggest looking at CPU benchmarks for the best single thread performance in your budget, additional cores probably won't help much. Depending what you do a fancy graphics card might not do much for you. Most...
  9. goldenfab

    City permit woes

    Code here does not allow a bedroom or sleeping area to open directly into a garage. I'm guessing this is the issue. The way around this is to put another room in-between or make that space not a sleeping room. Might be able to make that room not a bedroom by removing privacy i.e. removing a door...
  10. goldenfab

    Are you concerned about Interest rates?

    The Fed also sets reserve requirements and since 2020 they changed the reserve requirement to zero. The dumbass factor isn't that people pull their money creating a run on banks at the first sign of trouble, this is actually the intelligent thing to do. The dumbass factor is that we participate...
  11. goldenfab

    Inventor wants to help us on his jobs in shop+sign NDA

    I get that some people don't like R&D and don't like dealing with people and just want to make parts from prints. Nothing wrong with that business model. I realize your sign at the shop is hyperbolic with a touch of humor. I've seen many of these types of signs and what I don't get is why most...
  12. goldenfab

    Using Xometry as a "free" quoting software?

    I have not played with the software myself but from what I remember from the demo.. It has different metrics like features, volumes, and dimensions that you assign weight to. You feed it CAD files and tell it what you want it to quote it at. I don't remember if it calculates run time or just...
  13. goldenfab

    No bake foundry process

    I was able to get a sample size from a foundry supply business in Phoenix called Porter Warner. I think it was one gallon of each parts A and B plus a small bottle of catalyst. I've bought a few foundry related things from them and just drove down to pick them up. This was some years ago...
  14. goldenfab

    Using Xometry as a "free" quoting software?

    I just did a demo this week with a sales guy for this https://amfg.ai/cnc/ It's basically a portal on your website that does instant quoting for you like xometry does. You can find tune the parameters so it quotes what you want.
  15. goldenfab

    No bake foundry process

    You probably have a point. I don't know since I've only done small scale one offs.
  16. goldenfab

    distributors for my product. Advice, tips, pitfalls?

    I talked with a guy a while back and he told me the story of a small product he had going that was selling in the $20 range through a big box retailer. The markup was like 400%, and I thought ebay was high. I can't imagine making any money if they are getting those margins. Check out amazon...
  17. goldenfab

    No bake foundry process

    I've used green sand, sodium silicate and Pep Set 8000. The later being a no bake two part resin + catalyst that gets mixed with sand and cures. I've only done prototypes from aluminum (no cast iron). From my experience not a big jump going from green sand to Pep Set, the later actually being...
  18. goldenfab

    Inventor wants to help us on his jobs in shop+sign NDA

    What is your rational for this? Liability if someone gets hurt or something else?
  19. goldenfab

    The Goldenfab Story

    I have not been keeping up with world events much lately. Something new going on other than tariffs that started a while back? For sure, starting out with not in a rush bites you sometimes. Thing is I was not in a hurry at the time... Several months later and it was time get going. I got...