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    Bearing Issue...Never Seen This Before...

    Thanks but I'v got all the specks. I just made a new shaft rather then buildup. I keep a lot of tight tolerance metric TG&P rod stock just for small shafts like that. The shaft looks just like the start of a weld build up and is probably harder than the race , like I said don't understand it...
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    Bearing Issue...Never Seen This Before...

    I've been to two county fairs and a goat roping contest and ain't never seen no crap like that!
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    Bearing Issue...Never Seen This Before...

    Not to hijack but this is related and since the responders have correctly diagnosed the cause, I will post the strangest bearing failure I have encountered(in over 50yr's experience) This is from a 1 year old ,just out of warranty.$ 3+ mil high end machine. The first is the ball bearing inner...
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    prescribed blood thinners. should i be extra cautious in shop?

    I have been on thinners and asprin for years. Half the time when I do on machine repair work I look like I've been in a bar room brawl I bruise so easily.I did have a stroke from brain bleeding a few years ago caused by one of the thinners. I have harped on this before but for you guys that...
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    WTB 1-1/2" annular cutter

    Those Steel Dragon cutters are very nice. I bought a set and they are as good as any and at least 1/3the cost.
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    Spindle rotation direction opposite to carriage lever on new lathe.can this be right?

    We have a NeBel,LeBlond Regal and a Clausing Cholcester and they all are up forward , down reverse. Does seem logical to have it the other; way move the lever the same way as the spindle rotates.
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    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    Whenever I run into that I keep thinking that I'll make a clip on stop to clip on the shank and have a tab to fit over the open end. Haven't yet but I run into that quite often especially when someone puts a bolt that is 2-3 longer than necessary and is hidden.
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    deliberately broken cast iron collar, to fit on shaft between shoulders- what is the term used used for this?

    The ball type. How do you think they get the ball in? Roller bearings in the ball type? Same except they can have an outer race in the ball.
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    Round Blade Sharpening Technique...

    I used to sharpen a lot of ours with a TP grinder in one of our lathes . We use paper board and ours were single sided that ran against the side of a hardened roll. Just make an accurite arbor out of scrap bar.
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    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    A press operator was" helping "me pull the blanket washing unit out of his press. It is held in by a 2 bolt bearing cap on either side. After I got mine out he was struggling with the inner bolt and snapped off a ball end Allen wrench. What should be a 2 hr job is now an all day sucker! The burr...
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    How many gallons actually fit in a 55-gallon drum?

    Maybe you should have had them "stick the tank" before they put your coolant in and then subtract that amount after they added your coolant and "stuck" you.
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    Testing oxygen and other high pressure cylinders.

    We had a fl propane tank blow recently due to the truck catching on fire. Caught every thing on the security camera. The fireball was pretty spetacular. The strangest part was the escape hole in the tank was splayed out like it was shot from inside with a 50cal. Had to check and see if...
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    Unusual Wells-Index Mill

    One of our guys that just retired bought what looks like the heavy duty model Jim Christie posted about. It was the first one like that I have seen. He told me that he had never moved the ram on the 747 mill at work , so wasn't bothered by not having the ram. In the thirty years I have worked...
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    When is an Atlas Lathe, not an Atlas Lathe??

    That is a Colchester clone, I have also seen them with an" American" and I think DoAll nameplate. There was a PM member who sold them, can't remember his name.
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    Dalton Lathe

    Shelby , did you ever do anything with the Combination lathe I sold you?
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    1983? Leblond 14" T&D- Completely new to lathes and have no idea where to start.

    I wouldn't be suprised if that machine didn't have at least a 5hp or most likely 7.5hp. You don't know how lucky you are to have that as a starter! That is a very fine machine if it isn't crapped out which it doesn't look like.
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    manual machine rebuild

    You can buy a new manual pump on E-Bay for less than $ 50 or if you don't like pumping get an electric for less than $100. Be aware that those pumps have an adjustable stroke so you can control the volume up to max capacity.I only mention that since you had it apart. The electrics are nice and...
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    manual machine rebuild

    If you have a one shot pump the meter fittings have a piston inside that allows several drops per pulse(depending on the size) they also have a screen and or felt that will clog. Since they don't free flow it's hard to flush them. I have taken them apart and cleaned them but it's not worth my...
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    Big Gear Cutters

    Cross milling was what I was going to do however the arbor and support and ra head are parallel to the rack gear so the cutter radius has to be large enough for the tooling to clear each pass. I think that is what MB Naegle is trying to do. An angled rack might work with a standard cutter. The...