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    Improve Longevity of Worm Gears?

    Its hard to tell but the tooth form on the wheel looks a bit thin to me, you have 2.5” dia available to use so try a lower dp, the finish on the worm is important as it rubs on the wheel, so make that as well as you can from steel and the wheel from bronze, run them in hp gear oil as used in car...
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    Do you tell suppliers they lost the bid?

    I:have been both buyer and seller in this situation, when selling, we work out the cost and then the price we want to charge, when buying we want a good price but also accurate components and delivery promises. The seller wants the best price without driving the customer to explore the market...
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    OT - Removing Bleaching? Sharpie Marker out of Granite Counter

    If you can experiment on a scrap piece of material, try hydrochloric acid, this will should dissolve the material so pretty drastic. If it works, mix some with an inert powder into a paste and use with care.
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    OT: Removing driveway sealer from carpet

    I had a carport with a roof made from a tar based compound, the carport caught fire and tar dripped into a car, I removed it with tar remover, you could try this and follow up with carpet cleaner.
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    "planer" for aluminum lat bar? is that a thing?

    If you make the discs and use a vacuum table with a stop on the thrust side to hold them, you should be able to mill them flat. The table would have to be made to deal with the holes or drill them after.
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    Machinability of Pewter

    Have I got this right, I think we are looking at a 120 mm square plate 10 mm thick with a shaped hole in it, if so why not die cast the plate with an undersize hole and then broach the hole to size, the casting could be done in a steel tool with interchangeable cores for the holes. To improve...
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    Best Auto Feed Drilling Machine

    In days gone by I made these on a big capstan lathe, while cnc is the modern way, capital cost is high if the volumes aren’t there. A capstan is cheap to buy, tooling is simple, hold the part in special jaws, progressive drill to tapping size, screwcut and finish with a tap. all very old school...
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    Drill sharpener ownership, general questions.

    I bought a Dormer for very little money some years ago and find it very useful, I can buy used larger drills and bring them back to life and so save a lot of money. I generally build up a batch to be ground and then have a session. The most versatile UK machine is the Brierley, quite a large bit...
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    The Passing of Camscan

    Sorry to loose another old school friend, he helped me with cam design and will be sorely missed for his knowledge and generosity with it
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    Deckel FP1 arbour retaining nut

    Yes, the nut retains the drawbar and acts as a stop so you can eject the collet. if the mill is a MT4 version (I can’t vouch for other models) the collets are available in the UK as “tool grinder collets’, they are made in the orient but work ok.
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    Hardinge best?

    I have run Hardinge and Myford in my home workshop. The Myford even new is not in the same class as the Hardinge, yes there is no backgear or gap in the bed but there is no comparison in stiffness, try parting off. the ideal is to have a larger machine as well.
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    How to turn/grind between centers with deliberate small eccentricity?

    If you make a cylindrical recess on each end of the bar and grind the bar true between centres. you then make a pair of plugs to fit the recesses with centres on each eccentric and glue them into the ends of the bar. The plugs could be turned in a collet with a slip of packing on one side or in...
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    How to turn/grind between centers with deliberate small eccentricity?

    Why not turn the blank with centres both ends then transfer to the grinder and grind cylindrical between centres then slip packing under the tailstock and grind again, you can calculate the packing needed by simple trig
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    Barber Colman Gear hobbing

    I think we have the root of the problem but if you still get a slight helix it is time to check simple things, a slightly loose blank on the mandrel or a loose mandrel in the machine itself has given me this result.
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    Excel, Elliott, Victoria Tool and cutter grinder

    Thanks for the pointers, he has a pretty complete machine but needs to sort out a few details like drive belt size and how to dismantle the work head etc.
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    Stuck reducer sleeve FP1

    Is this the vertical head or the horizontal spindle? I suspect that this is a conventional taper adapter and has no threaded ring to help with removal. I have had a horizontal arbour stuck and it was actually friction welded in so I ended up boring it out and internally grinding the taper. In...
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    Excel, Elliott, Victoria Tool and cutter grinder

    A friend without internet has a new to him Excel tool and cutter and needs some advice, he has got the manual but it is not very helpful. if you have one of these machines, please PM me and I will make the connection many thanks
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    Source for Blind Hex Broaching?

    If you are broaching to the bottom of the hole, where is the swarf going? If there is no space for it the only solution I can think of is to punch it in and keep removing the tool to clear the swarf with the last cut hitting the bottom of the hole, a small extra depth of the hole would also...
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    Four Slide Machine and Tooling

    I worked in a factory with several 4 slide machines, the oldest was over 100 years old and is now in a museum, they were mostly working with wire not strip. The idea was that the wire fed through a die where it is cut off but the cutter pinched the wire to hold it and push it against a mating...
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    What do you use in your ultrasonic cleaner

    Traffic film remover removes most crud and is cheap to buy.