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  1. Spruewell

    What tools should I cary on me, while CNC machining?

    A notebook. Sharpies can be handy too.
  2. Spruewell

    When leveling VF-2, right rear foot is not touching floor

    Does it rock around like a vending machine with a bag of chips hung up in it? when set my VF2 in place, I went around with a torque wrench as I leveled it to make sure all the feet had even pressure, then started adjusting the middle feet to tram. Nailed it within .0002
  3. Spruewell

    Wiggler vs Center finder?

    for finding edges, I use the edge finder. For finding bores and bosses, I use a co-axial indicator. I only use scribe lines for work done in a drill press. I have never used my wiggler in the shop.
  4. Spruewell

    Help! Need haas control software!

    Think of it like a part of your machine, like an axis drive. If you smoke one of those do you expect HAAS to come out and drop in a new one for free? Granted, it isn’t a “hard” physical component that you can unbolt. But is it worth arguing about while your machine sits there taking up space, or...
  5. Spruewell

    HAAS grease reservoir re-fill

    You must be referring to this minor issue: I did manage to clean it out pretty well so it’s not a perpetual leak on the floor. It only took most of a day and a couple rolls of paper towels. And don’t forget the little trick with those canisters where you don’t actually run them all the...
  6. Spruewell

    Video...Quick and Dirty Lathe Boring...

    That was more like a horror flick. I would congratulate him for doing the job then fire him for destroying the lathe. That is why some shops can’t have nice things.
  7. Spruewell

    How to (kinda) deep bore in AL

    I agree with drilling it out bigger. 17.5mm or 11/16” drill and finish the last .005 or .010 with the boring bar at high rpm.
  8. Spruewell

    Video...Quick and Dirty Lathe Boring...

    “School won’t teach this” thank goodness. Good for him for working with what you got and getting the job done, but what was the bore diameter he was shooting for? I guess it doesn’t matter for a pizza oven door. Shimming the bar like that is pretty unreliable. He had the three jaw chuck held in...
  9. Spruewell

    Best way to put neat holes AR550 steel

    Put it in the Bridgeport with a good short screw machine length HSS drill bit running around 200rpm. Don’t let it get hot and don’t let the drill get dull. Replace it or regrind the drill often
  10. Spruewell

    Loud stepper resonance cure?

    Try using a thicker/heavier panel. Maybe 20mm. What you have now is acting like a speaker
  11. Spruewell

    What is this tool for?

    Lots more useful things are reduced to scrap. Would be helpful to know where you found it. Did the cabinet serve as tool storage for a specific machine?
  12. Spruewell

    poor end mill life

    The part appears to be pretty simple. You might consider abandoning the weldment and machining it from solid bar stock. You may find the trade-off in time and materials to be more cost effective. Not to mention it will result in a stronger, better looking product.
  13. Spruewell

    O/T - High strength/temp elastomer for Lovejoy coupling?

    Having the coupler so close to the engine is backwards. Put the coupler down by the flywheel and use the flexibility of the driveline to deal with alignment. The soft mounts you have supporting the engine will make perfect alignment very difficult to maintain. A solid coupler from the engine to...
  14. Spruewell

    On shutting down the virus and curing cancer?

    It is an obstacle because racists want us to believe it is.
  15. Spruewell

    A Bearing Fit Question

    What are the numbers on the bearings? (Cups and cones) I have an interchange book that shows dimensions and styles for the thousands of various bearings and their respective manufacturers. There may very well be a bearing available that will fit that thing without all the agony and risk of...
  16. Spruewell

    Help needed

    We all need help. Some need more than Lassie
  17. Spruewell

    help with this type of bassick wheel

    The spring could be part of a one-way braking system
  18. Spruewell

    Functional Fliegerfaust Project

    Very nice.
  19. Spruewell

    Waaay OT- Are 12 cent comic books worth anything ?

    Go check out some local comic book store and talk to people there. Then call Sotheby’s
  20. Spruewell

    Functional Fliegerfaust Project

    Solid bratwurst for propellant? What kind of a license do you need to be able to have one of those babies?