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    EDM cuts on size, but I'm off positionally

    Have you done a guide alignment? Have you cleaned your contact block and/or changed your contacts. Your cutting hardened material. Are you doing anything to compensate for possible stress related movement?
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    Agie Drill 20 how to load a program from a USB

    I have a manual PDF.
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    Agie-Charmilles Drill-20 pump replacement

    Update on our Drill-20 pump replacement mentioned in another thread. Original pump and/or regulating valve failed and we could only get 1-2 MPa rather than the recommended 8-9MPa. Original manufacturer would not answer my queries. GFMS wants $3874.00 for the pump alone. No rebuild kits to be...
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    what kind of brands/pricing range of edm machines for our need

    If they aren't going to see daily use, you might want to check EDM Network's refurbished stock. They also sell new Chmer. They are knowledgeable and have been helpful to me in the past.
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    Auxiliary grounding wire

    As explained to me by a couple of Charmilles tech, it's high frequency and high frequency likes the surface of the wire not the core so ... You need lots of small wires to maximize the wire surfaces. Look at the cross-section of any power or ground cable on your machine. One thin wire isn't...
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    On it's way.

    On it's way.
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    Auxiliary grounding wire

    I figure the manufacturers don't put itty-bitty ground wire on their machines for a reason. I use an old one if those when I think I need some "extra" ground.
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    I will need an email address to which to send the pdf.

    I will need an email address to which to send the pdf.
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    Hi everybody

    No, depending on the year and model your control can be either a Console 2 (290P) or a Fanuc (290F), early models may even have had a Console 1, I think. If yours is a 290P, I have a PDF copy of the classroom instruction book for it. I do not know if it is at all applicable to the 290F or...
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    OT: Aerodark's final request

    It's been four days now since I saw the title of this thread and the lights dimmed for moment. It's taken me several attempts to finish reading (just now) and try to put a coherent response in words. I don't know why it's had such an effect. I didn't know your dad and we traded few words here...
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    Math in Manufacturing

    I remember sitting in Algebra 1 thinking exactly that. When am I ever going to need this in the real world? The next year I had geometry, and my viewpoint changed because I was shown real world applications of those formulae. Made Algebra 2 a little easier to sit through.
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    Sodick Short Circuit Error

    Does it do this even when cutting air, or only when cutting a part?
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    Hi everybody

    Which controller?
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    Math in Manufacturing

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    Boraxo hand soap

    Maybe you're looking on the wrong aisle. Try looking in the laundry detergent. Plenty of "20 Mule Team Borax" on the shelves around here.
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    Charmilles Robofil 310 Troubles

    This sounds more serious than that. Have to ask why GFMS isn't being helpful as we have no problem with getting help and/or service for our two Robofils (290P &520P).
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    How long to cut this

    If that's 1.25" thick, I'm looking at waay more than 12" loc ...
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    EDM Drill pump alternatives

    Problem with all those Grainger pumps is the shaft is on the wrong side and the mounting completely different. That can be gotten around though if it becomes necessary. Trying to get info from the pump manufacturer in Japan. Failing that, Cat pumps (https://www.catpumps.com/) are all but...
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    EDM Drill pump alternatives

    No sir, twin v-belts off an electric motor.