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    0t--Russian riggers

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    looking for someone that can do some lathe work for an experiment that I plan to build

    No dreamers, 80.00 / hour and no I won't work for a %age of the millions you expect to make.
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    Best engineering screw ups

    No need to guess, I know exactly how they figured it out.
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    Best engineering screw ups

    Old Cadillac's had hydraulic window lifts using brake fluid. Sucks when your window lift leaks and you have to do a respray as well as fix the lift!
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    Best engineering screw ups

    You just can't do windows with square corners in a pressurized fuselage.
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    How much should I pay for a Jet BD-920N?

    That thing was worthless before it got rusty. I would never pay that sort of money.
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    Max 6-32 tap depth

    Easy Peasy, weld a bolt to it and unscrew it.
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    Best engineering screw ups

    I got it out, he was drilling by eye, he got both of the easy outs in the engine block and the bolt, no wonder it would not come out. he only admitted to the 2nd one after I got the first one out. Time saver, if you need to drill out a bolt use what the bolt is holding on to drill an accurate...
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    Best engineering screw ups

    BMW, working on one now. Morons used aluminum bolts to hold the oil pan on. Surprise surprise I have a broken one to remove, in the car, with the pan still on, with a broken "easy out" in it. They always wait on calling me till after they have it totally f'ed up.
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    OT SR-71 LA Speed Check

    Ya well a C47 with invasion stripes lumbered over my house 2 days ago!
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    Best engineering screw ups

    If you need to get a price you can't afford it.
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    Best engineering screw ups

    Got an HLVH you might want to let go?
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    Best engineering screw ups

    Yeah imagine the bonus, just get the belt to float right there and build the tractor around it!
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    Best engineering screw ups

    Just had to replace the belt between the engine and the transaxle on my John Deere mower. What mental midget thought it would be a good idea to have to remove the steering column to do so?
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    Tips for saving money on tooling for small jobshop?

    Save money by charging more for the work. Seems like no mater what I quote I get the work.
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    Census Bureau for Business

    There's laws against bribe money but they don't enforce them if it is a biden getting it.
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    0t----The Centrifuge Brain Project

    The last one in the first video is nuken futs!
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    Remachining male thread new TPI

    I would do a 9/16 36............