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    I believe it's for double checking the elevation of the gun before firing.
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    Theoretical options to increase small arm velocity that could be practical by hobbest.

    Well, we just need to start with a 30mm rifle then won't we? :D Reminds me of this system: https://up-ship.com/blog/?p=18289 Funny how these things come out with much fan fare then disappear.
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    Sandvik: Awful website for selecting turning Inserts

    Honestly I'm torn. I hate the Sandvik and Kennametal websites equally, I can't decide which I want to use less. To those of you saying to use the reps. I don't know about you, but when is the last time you even saw a Sandvik rep unless you work for a massive aerospace or automotive company? All...
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    Use for Craftsman Tool Boxes

    Eh, call me when they use Lista boxes with sub dividers to separate the condiments.
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    OT making me a better toolmaker

    Had to cut them out of a piece of flat with a torch then scrape the lines in with your finger nails.
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    world's most expensive yeti water bottle (new machine incoming)

    Yeti truck bed liner, individual compartments for food, drink, fish. You'll corner the redkneck market! You'll just need a 3 story rotary molding machine.
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    This is another issue at getting the Huele tools. These parts are made in batches of around 20 per year.
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    I have looked at those, however their website and a rep I've talked to say that they aren't for deburring same size intersecting holes.
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    +1 for the Cogsdill, there's also EZBurr which is owned by Cogsdill. They're nice for simple holes, however they can suffer when the hole diameter is too close to the diameter of the ID of the part. Tried the Orbitool before and it took 2-3 passes to get it to remove the burr in 4140 and it...
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    fuzz when milling polypropylene

    You might try using one of Harvey's plastic specific endmills. We use them here for cutting Delrin and they work great. https://www.harveytool.com/products/material-specific-end-mills/plastics
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    Are we losing expertise and institutional knowledge?

    I've got a tool path generating! Honest!
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    world's most expensive yeti water bottle (new machine incoming)

    I feel too poor to be looking at thier website.
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    Head phones, ear buds...

    I've always been asked how I can just sit with no music or anything, truth is, the voices in my head keep me good company.
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    Hell, if you managed to get this far not knowing what .001/tenth/micron means then certainly no reason to stop now!
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    CAM Software Options - Prices

    Unfortunately that is most likely.
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    CAM Software Options - Prices

    Yeah, NX is pushing for subscription as well, which we are pretty much already paying for their extortion maintenance fee which doesn't even get us support directly from Siemens. At this point I see it as a competition that all software developers are trying to see just how much of evil, vile...
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    My "new" machining calculator

    Don't worry with the way privacy is eroding, your phones always spying on you, along with AI, it won't belong before you'll pull the phone out and it'll have the app pre-opened. "It sounded like you were trying to solve basic trigonometric problems, here are some answers."
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    Process improvement - Brother - MSX High Feed Mill

    Looks black and silver to me.
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    OT: SpaceX Starship/Booster test flight 04/20/23

    Did you go to the quarry and pick out the grindstone yourself?
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    How do YOU reduce cycle times/increase MRR for high volume production

    We've tried it once. It actually works so long as what you are doing they have the parameters for. Had a job that was having to use a long projection tool holder for an endmill cutting a slot and it was screaming all day long. MCS comes in and does their thing, gives us some numbers for speed...