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    Internal threading / grooving combination inserts.

    Allied makes some interesting stuff.
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    Surface grinding stainless steel

    After you dress the wheel it a good idea to get rid of the wheels sharp edges. Norton has a good book out on wheel dressing. They recommend 5 passes taking .0015” off each time you dress. Do not take any blank passes. The last pass like mentioned previously crank that diamond as fast as you can...
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    Is SPI Any Good??

    As others have some are good; others not so. If it something you are not using it veryd often they might be ok. Get out your gage block set and check it in several different spots. Once you figure out what your error factor is over the different places, note it down and put it in the box with...
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    WTB Mitutoyo Groove Mic Range .055” - 1.05”

    Looking for a Mitutoyo 146-131 or 146-231 preferably in the box.
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    Harig Grind All #1 out of tolerance

    It my understanding that Atco made the N1 for Harig. Replace the balls before you grind anything.
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    Turning Large Diameters with collet

    On 5C collets I just started using the sleeve that fits the larger collets that have a 2” face for additional holding. It holds the work piece much better, I was able to turn a 1.75” X 4.5” long without any shifting in the collet.
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    Benefits of Hydraulic Power in machine tools

    Don’t tracer lathes also use hydraulic controls?
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    It CGW 60I wheel, it what I could find and only buy 1 piece. Most of the others I would of needed to buy 10 pieces. DOC is .001” with a .02” stepover. It was roughly a second and a-half to cross feed the face. The diamond is sharp. I had taken 2 roughly .0005 passes along with 2 spark out...
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    Check the wheel I didn’t see any loading, I wonder if the streaks are from burrs coming off the edges. Before i do anything I will chamfer my edges again. Then redress the wheel at a much faster pace. Along with fattening the coolant mixture. I am using a Harig 612 Autostep, it a low hour...
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    The slower redress was a bust, the finish changed and even took on slight green cast. With no other changes to the grinding set up. Not sure why the color cast. It not lighting, it had the color shift on the grinder. I use a popsicle stick to knock and loose grit prior to grinding. Any other...
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    The SIc wheel came in, never using one I had to see the results. I was surprised at how easy it made surfacing aluminum. My SG does not have a coolant tank just a KoolMist system. I had not changed my coolant mix for this, I wanted to see the wheel difference. That will be a follow up. I am...
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    Thanks! I will richen the coolant mix.
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    Spent part of the day grinding part using the ruby wheel I have using kool mist coolant mixed 4oz to a gallon of water. With ok results but hoping for better. Ordered an SIC as I posted earlier. Here’s a plate I did, I’m using a Cutter vise I’ve has for 25 plus years, it a big grinding vise.
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    The V ways on both plates meet with key stock separating them and the plate in front rides against Delrin keeping them under tension. Then it all presses against the back wall of main body. The tighter the tolerance the happier the customer. Thanks for the input!
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    I hate to send things out. My SIC wheel should be here on Wednesday. I ground a couple of other aluminum pieces and it seems like they looked better. Maybe I try again but traverse the diamond faster.
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    Grinding Aluminum What Type of Finish Expect

    Wondering what I should end up with for a finish when grinding 6061. I need to make up some plates for customer but they need to be flat with just a few tenths of variance. On side of the plate has tensioners that are pushing on the plates face. I’m using a Radiac RAA46 H800 VOS. Not having...
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    Opinions on pricing for HLVH i would like to sell

    There is just so much electrical on the lathe and not knowing the condition of everything and if it does work. As mentioned previously the original motor, it not just as simple as tossing a different motor. It might almost be cheaper to have it rebuilt then trying to put it together.
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    How to remove a seized internal snap ring placed in bore aluminum tube.

    It looks like there is some type of bearing sealer on the snap ring. Like Idacal mentioned put some heat to the part. If you can heat the outside of the part where the snap ring is. That will help some of the sealers release on the snap ring. Then take a small punch to one of the hole in the...
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    Anyone know the history of P. Roch Rolle micrometers?

    Recently I purchased a Etalon 3818 micrometer. Like you I didn’t find much about them. It an indicating mic and for something that has been around for some time, it still works and the thimble feels as good or better than anything currently offered. It would be interesting to come up with a...