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    Square Dial 10 EE (1950) gasket files on Thingaverse to 3d print or vinyl cutter.

    I think if you have a laser cutter, you can cut the non-asbestos gasket material, Garlock or what ever you call it. Its on my list of things to try.
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    I took a chance on a Series 62 that was broken. New/old lathe.

    Awesome find, Id leave it alone thats for sure. Ive seen a Versa-lift 40/60 get ”accidentally” stuck in rock. It was pretty funny watching them try to pull it out.
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    1942 monarch 10ee round dial for sale!

    Not bad.. One of those, If I had room. I personally drove about 900 miles round trip for my 10EE & this past weekend drove 700 miles round trip to get 2 milling machines. Just dont let distance keep you from it.
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    FS: Tapmatic RX70 reversible tapping head

    I would like to buy it from you if its still available.
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    1940's Monarch Promo Film

    Thanks for posting it. Ive shared it with my local makerspace machine shop forum
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    1947 18 c 72 inch neutral?

    Even with undersized heaters in the overloads, you will likely be able to turn it on. Your motor current will probably be pretty low until you “load” it up. I re-wired a burr king from 480 to 208 & didn’t change the heaters. Obviously you will want to make it proper, but you can probably run it...
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    10EE Forward Spindle Clutch Gear Needed

    My Sundstrand machine has the aforementioned feed thread direction knob. Sometimes you need to rotate to get it to engage in the direction you want. I’d like to find out if I could put the micro carriage stop(I think thats what it is called) on it.
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    Craigslist 1939EE

    Here is my thread of what I have done so far. Still want to do more with it, IE cleaning up & mounting my DRO. Work has been well extremely busy, working with about 1/4 of the manpower since April of last year. 1939 10EE New to me lathe, a journey.
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    10EE carriage stop on eBay

    Kelly Coffield does some really good lost foam casting. Kelly Coffield - YouTube
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    Lathes, Mills, grinders, saws, iron workers, shears, breaks. Little bit of everything

    Wow 495 a ton.. its still 110 a ton where I’m at.
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    Monarch Lathe Model 60

    Lol. If i had a 3 car garage I’d probably have both a 60 & a 10EE
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    New to the Monarch family. 10ee

    My 39 Sundstrand 10EE has the “No nut hitter” clutch out on the hand wheel.
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    10ee Round Dial Offer Advice

    The 6 jaw looks nice at first, it does look like it was apart, that would kinda concern me. You have to wonder if the scroll maybe messed up.
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    Crossfeed screw castle nut/cotter pin

    Shouldn’t be too hard to find a lock nut. Worst case, IIRC, Chevy 350 motor rocker arm nuts are 3/8-24 lock nuts. They are fully metal too.
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    Hardox 450

    Mine arrived today. Thank you for the quick ship
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    I've got a leak!!! 1962 10EE

    I believe Don has a video of the leveling feet on YouTube.
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    riggers around Fort Worth

    JMOR & Able Machinery movers are the ones I trust. DFW machinery movers would be my 3rd option. Not impressed with MEI, at least in DFW.
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    Small Fab/Machine Shop

    Looks pretty good if you ask me. I with I could get that good of deal on a lathe like that.
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    Hardox 450

    I’ll take both 1 & 2
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    Kustomizer's Shop

    Wow, I first clicked on this to look at your shop..82 pages later, who’d thunk it. We call them fart fans too in DFW