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    OT: Building collapse in Iowa, causes?

    Where? I'm in CT and haven't heard anything
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    Easy way to mark holders?

    id try a paint marker and see how it holds up first. if you end up having to touch them up every couple weeks, that's still not bad.
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    Good torx bit set??

    this thread is 11 years old, I'm sure he found a torx bit by now
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    O.T. aftermarket vehicle parts

    OEM or whatever company specializes in that certain vehicle. I usually go off of specific car forum recommendations on who makes a good part, usually everyone on that forum will agree that "this company makes the best ____, everyone on here uses them." I'll never buy a sensor or solenoid from...
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    OT Please tell your friends who use to read here to come back

    I have seen some unreasonably harsh egos on here but that also goes for every forum ever created and every machine shop ever created as well. every forum has those supreme members who are smart and 36 grit abrasive at the same time. Generally if you post a clear and concise question that hasn't...
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    OT Please tell your friends who use to read here to come back

    just saw a post the other day on a facebook machinist group about this forum, the general consensus in the comments was, "we like facebook groups more, they're easier to quickly post and communicate on." Forums are sort of a relic at this point despite them being great at what they do. the...
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    O T vise stand

    That's like having a corvette and only driving it 20 mph to avoid getting speeding tickets. That vice will be 100 times more capable and useful mounted to something sturdy. All its good for on a stand like that is acting like a third hand that moves when you really need it to stay still. 90%...
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    Good Methods for Tracking Raw Materials at the Hobbyist Level

    my organization is just done by diameter and shape, all of it's color coded from the supplier so I know what it is. Just always have to tell the new guy not to cut the painted end of the bar off
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    Preffered Cleaner Degreaser For Cleaning Old Machines & etc

    mineral spirits with a scraper and scrub brush. A lot of degreasers don't really do much, mineral spirits truly does break down grease and oils
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    How to maintain +-.001 tolerance on Teflon?

    I feel like if a teflon part requires .001" tolerance then they're using the wrong material. I've seen people talk about putting the teflon in the freezer before final finishing but that seems like a crap shoot once it warms up
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    How would you chuck this part on a lathe?

    My worry is the chuck digging into the bore when doing this since it is a bronze bushing.
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    How would you chuck this part on a lathe?

    This is what I was thinking but hoping there would be something quicker.
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    How would you chuck this part on a lathe?

    I was making a bronze bushing and on the final operations of parting off the excess material and facing it down to spec. while parting off the excess, The force of the part off tool overcame the chuck's clamping force on that narrow edge and the part popped out the chuck. Luckily zero damage to...
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    Electric Bill just went up 2.5x in 1 month

    This is what I do though, groceries along with absolutely everything have gotten crazy expensive but using credit cards for points and protection is smart as long as you aren't just buying things you cant afford. My credit card offers 6% back at grocery stores, why wouldn't I use it for that.
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    Would you sell off the transformer machine now that an inverter rules the roost?

    The old transformer welders almost never fail and leave you stranded compared to modern inverter welders. With that said, my main welders are all inverters and they've all been reliable and enjoyable to use. I still have the old buzzbox miller just incase. If you're not hurting for cash or space...
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    OT need a laptop what should I get?

    Go for 1tb ssd, 11th or 12th gen processor, and 16gb ram. not sure what "games" she plays but if they're anything serious then you'll also have to factor in a laptop with a decent graphics card. These specs kind of point more towards a gaming laptop but they ensure an powerhouse of a laptop...
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    Anyone ever watch these "machinists"?

    I've met way too many old timers who should know better than to say all of the young crowd is mechanically inexperienced. seen plenty of older guys still cross thread bolts, tighten bolts that are too long for the application into blind holes and wonder why the head shears off when the bolt...
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    Pickup inside of van trailer

    carriage bolting tie down hooks seems like the way to go but you'd probably need some plates on each side of the floor to distribute the forces a ratchet strap would act upon it. I could see a ratchet strap ripping them right out the floor But it seems like he's already convinced himself his...
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    Need to bore crankcase

    am I crazy for thinking if the aluminum casing welds decently enough, machine the over sized hole to a clean bore, make a plug to slip in said bore, weld prep and weld it in, re drill and tap for the head stud, then deck the surface? feel like that engine can't be worth much and that hole cant...
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    Seized broken aluminum starter bushing.

    you can drill and tap that bore and rig up some sort of puller, not sure what the surrounding area looks like to push off of but I'm sure you can get crafty