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    How do you deal with remnants?

    It's actually a good question. But in most cases it would likely be waste of time to seriously deal with it. Unless its something like dental screws and implant bases and are all made of the same grade titanium and probably same diameter bars with swiss machine, so there's always a nice and...
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    Would lengthy blackouts create new manufacturing opportunities?

    Funny how noone mentioned shitcoin mining having something to do with waste of energy.
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    Is it possible to create an interpolation turning operation on ESPRIT 2020??

    I've just asked our senior milling engineer about this. Interesting, but technically incorrectly named. This is not turning, workpiece is not rotating. I'll update when I'll get an answer. I've seen boring done in similar fashion by our milling department, but it was MillTurn machine. Usually...
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    Esprit Training

    It is partly misleading. Evaluation licenses exist, but yes they're mainly for businesses. Only your local reseller could really answer this for sure, but there are possibilities for educational licenses for training facilities and academic institutions, so this depends on your geographical...
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    Esprit Training

    There's ESPRIT TNG training module here. You can purchase it and you get a student license. https://espritcam.learnupon.com There are also free educational videos there as well it just requires a registration. Also a Youtube Channel has quite some material covering some advanced topics as well...
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    Esprit fail or victim of their success?

    If I may add some input on this. I've been using ESPRIT 20XX since last September so nearly a year. I've worked for a small company that had ESPRIT 20XX for swiss lathe and I kinda hated it at first, but this company did not have Software Maintenance Agreement. Later I switched job. I've joined...
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    Cheap CAD Recommendations

    did not know about solvespace till now, nice one.
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    Does anyone know of a good, free or inexpensive NC editor.

    Kate basically equivalent of Notepad++ just as I prefer to use OpenSource operating systems whenever possible, to get away with it. I prefer Kate over Notepad++, requires a bit more tweaking if used on windows, but with kdiff3 Kate - Get an Edge in Editing code comparison when done via...