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    OT-Wife makes great money, would you keep working or stay home with the kids?

    I'm currently raising the kids with a small home shop making RC truck and equipment parts with my wife grossing half that amount . It's not easy goin but if you factor day care / sitter cost compared to what I would make in my area , we're saving $ . The kids are in school now , so I get more...
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    Way OT Ebola

    How Ebola Emerged Out of the Jungle - ABC News Some interesting reading on the history of this bug .
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    OT Electric trailer brake operation

    You know, you might be right I could be a lil rusty since I got out of that bizz . I know exactly how they work , I can put them together in my sleep . What your telling us is that if you should be towing up hill and for some odd chance that your hitch should brake,or you get a space brain...
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    OT Electric trailer brake operation

    This is partially correct till you start talking about reverse . I have used and fixed many electric brake trailers in the 25 years in the excavation industry . I have not come across 1 that the brakes do not work in reverse . If that was the case , then you can take the brake away switch and...
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    OT Electric trailer brake operation

    is this a new trailer or pre owned ? All the tags with electric brakes I had worked in fwd and rev . A way to check to make sure it's not your control , is , make sure your brake away batt is fully charged and pull pin on brake away (switch attached to cable ) . Pull fwd it should grab same with...
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    Need advice on starting garage CNC workshop

    congrats Velocity, looks like you got it figured out . I'm pretty much in the same boat but I had some machining knowledge from the age of 13 and HS Machine shop . Most of my life was spent in the seat of some piece of construction equipment , dump truck or tractor and low-boy . Winter months is...
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    Himes "owns" a haas!

    It could be at Action Machinery . I just checked their site , not listed yet . The walls look familiar .
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    InventorHSM 2015 post question

    It let me disable it :)
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    InventorHSM 2015 post question

    N4 M9 N5 T17 M6 N6 T16 Using tool 17 , in the configuration of milltronics post processor it's showing a preload of next tool (T16) . If I have no tool changer on my machine , will this be an issue ? I'm thinking not other then to tell me to put tool 16 in in which case I just change the post...
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    Mazatrol cutting direction

    yes as in close and no as in name ;) they're 1 of my product lines for 1:14 scale RC semi trucks . I had to change my bar geometry in my tool settings for different bar . ISCAR Cutting Tools - Metal Working Tools - S/A-SVJCR/L : 3695394 - S16R SVJCR-11 I'm still not happy so may try a...
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    Obama asks companies to pay suppliers on time

    just did :D (and he walks away shaking his head )
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    Mazatrol cutting direction

    Mind block I'm having a mind block on this 1 :o I think I have it put in how it would machine :confused: Where am I wrong ? what part should look like
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    Mazatrol cutting direction

    Hmm , Problem is on bottom tapping (with floating tap holder ) it would bottom out and snap before reversing with less then the desired depth in the program . Single point threading is a breeze (no issues) :confused: Iv'e got some M2 coming up in a month or so that I'll be back to trying it...
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    Mazatrol cutting direction

    Yes .005 is my finish depth . I'll try the 7 when I get new belts . I noticed slack in them and went to adjust to find out there is no more adjustment left . I just learned if belts look "OK" they probably aren't . I'm guessing that could be part of issue along with my tapping issues ? Steve
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    Mazatrol cutting direction

    I'm having some chatter issues on the inside face of my bore on the finish pass . How my mind thinks it should go , I can't figure how to get it to do in mazatrol . I would like to finish the profile Z in to corner the X out from .6" to corner . How to make this happen :confused: ? material is...
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    Walter Valenite

    I'll take them if they're still available .
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    Still going w/ "trash" machines 3 yrs on- a commentary on privilege and work

    We still ran our pre cummins dressers up till I got out of it in 2012 . Dad is still running 83 TD7E and 86 100E . I play with the TD8E here . The TD12 and 175 got sold off when the housing market took a shyt . They're the best I've ever operated . geardoc , good story :) Reading threads like...
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    Running .015" endmill on Haas...

    I've run .01" already at 7200rpm in 6061 , It's a slow go . Like everyone else said , go with the ER .
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    Milltronics spindle pegging load meter

    From what I see your parms look good . If you have your manual , just double check them . Mine are on a printed sheet of computer paper and a 3.5 floppy . Your belts are in low range . there must be a way to toggle between ranges at the control . I'm surprised tech wont help you :confused:
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    Any Mazatrol videos?

    So did I till I realized how simple it is .Mazak/Mazatrol is the 1st cnc lath I've run , I couldn't have asked for a better control to learn on .