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  1. J

    Boss wants to buy new bench grinder...how to appease OSHA and get work done?

    Do deburring wheels need guards and spacing?
  2. J

    Dunn & Bradstreet just wasted 20 minutes....

    Exactly. DO NOT do business with them. When we were moving our company a few years back we installed a temporary single phoneline in the new building and then turned it back to the phone co when the major phone system was installed. When the geniuses at D&B could not call on the disconnected...
  3. J

    OT: Tips to search for number drills on ebay

    Re: Chinese drill bits. We've always found it really doesn't matter which end you put in the chuck first - the result is the same.
  4. J

    AR-10 from 80% machined billet

    Not to love? The lack of hearing and eye protection.
  5. J

    What are you using for a rust preventative ?

    30 weight oil cut with Kerosene. Applied with an air sprayer. Works every time on ground surfaces in the summer swamp we live in. You can piss away your money anyway you like - I like to keep mine.
  6. J

    What Stuff Made in China Do You Have That is Quality (or Acceptable Quality)?

    We have found that it really doesn't matter which end of a Chinese drill bit you stick in the chuck. The end results are the same...
  7. J

    OT : Inserting Rebar into brick wall.

    Have you considered just moving to a safer area?
  8. J

    Where to find Iscar inch catalog?

    I always get a return email or phone call within 10 minutes from my local guy (25 years shop experience too). Your mileage may vary.
  9. J

    Can anyone vouch for a drill sharpener they are actually impressed with? Sterling?

    We have 2 of the Sterlings and generally like them. They are simple to use for most first-timers and do the job.
  10. J

    servo tach brushes

    Both Helwig and Repco are top notch. Helwig was able to make some replacement brushes for an obscure tach on a BBC spindle motor for us from a simple sketch.
  11. J

    Who is good for fixing Sanyo Denki drives?

    I'm sure it is something like that.
  12. J

    Who is good for fixing Sanyo Denki drives?

    My normal repair guy won't touch them because "they are crap". Well, that doesn't get my Brother tapping center back into the game. Preferably I'd like someone who doesn't estimate the repair based on the machine tool replacement cost.
  13. J

    AR15 extractors - machined or forged?

    Why would any fool want to make AR-15's in Colorado?
  14. J

    History of Milwaukee Large machine shops

    Sadly, history is all Milwaukee has to left offer manufacturing. This from a Marquette engineering grad making parts off of Allis Chalmers prints with K&T horizontals - in North Dakota
  15. J

    DC motor and drive repair

    Just put in a new DC drive. I have found the single card drives by KB electronics to be simple and reliable. We use them in a number of automation jobs around our place.
  16. J

    Ever have customers try to manage your work? And what do you do?

    We never discuss our workload with customers.
  17. J

    AR bolts and carriers what would you need to make them

    What I'm taking from this thread is that the people engaged in making firearms and parts really don't want to see anybody else get into the market and compete with them.
  18. J

    Never buy Atlas-Copco

    My primary interest is that more smucks (or what Atlas calls customers) aren't made from the crowd here.