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    UMC-750 Gen III is Here

    I have said this forever on roller vs ball linear ways, how much more would it really cost? Haas seem to go on the small side and use ball ways. Would be interesting to hear their justification on this. I watched video again, they sure look like 35mm. When I was nosing around the parts site...
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    UMC-750 Gen III is Here

    I wondered this also in the video, or did they make an oddball for Haas with 40mm? I looked on parts site and what I assume is the old UMC-750 is 35mm. 45mm rails and hsk-a63 spindle could potentially make a pretty rigid machine, I would think. They weren't real clear on when they were talking...
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    Trim 690XT Smell

    We're been using 690xt for 3 or 4 years now if I could guess, smell has been very mild. Used 685 prior, 690xt is way better at rust prevention. Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
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    Rigid Tapping Question

    I am using Emuge form taps more and more in aluminum and even mild steel. Saves so much heartburn in blind holes. I would think a hand tap would be ok short term as long as you did pecks. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Tramp oil in coolant won't skim

    Thanks for the tips! I'm encouraged that you guys had similar issues with this skimmer and were able to tune it out. I will definitely try raising the ball float and could also simulate running it 30 minutes several times a day to see if a timer would solve my problem. I am catching oil in the...
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    Tramp oil in coolant won't skim

    These photos were both taken with it not running, I run it while the machine is running but also overnight. This machine doesn't get run all day everyday so has plenty of time to separate out. But even still, as soon as I stop the skimmer it goes back to oil on top. I have the pickup for the...
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    Tramp oil in coolant won't skim

    I have a C thru oil skimmer on a few month old machine, I installed it soon after it arrived after realizing how much way oil it uses. Coolant is Trim microsol 690XT and the way oil is Shell Tonna S3 M68 on the factory tank, Shell Tonna S2 MX68 is what I've refilled with several times. I can't...
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    Bad ass new Haas GM-2-5AX

    The gm-2-5ax is a current/fairly new model. Are you sure thats what it was? It couldn't have been very old if thats what it is.
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    New clear Blaser Synergy 735 coolant?

    I spoke with a Blaser rep a month or so ago at a show about the synergy, I pretty much lost interest after that. He really stressed how you have to get ALL the old coolant out or it will cloud up the blaser. I feel I'm pretty meticulous and still think this would be a nightmare, I think you...
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    Part Ejector for 16C Collet

    I recently had to figure this out on our new nlx lathe. What model mori is it? Ours has a draw bar (non through) on the sub spindle with air through it to part eject. It came with an ejector for the 6" Kitagawa. I made a similar pusher but one that threads into the collet.
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    Er16 vs er25

    I wouldn't be afraid to put it in a ER16, I'm sure grip is higher in ER25 but its a fairly small end mill in aluminum. I use ER16 and ER32, no others. I use ER16 up to 1/4 end mills regularly in steel but If I have to I'll use up to 3/8 especially in aluminum. Above That I go to ER32.
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    Adding coolant wash down gun and pump

    This is a turning center with Y axis milling so don't take to deal with tslots. The lathe chips seem to take care of themselves pretty much but the milling chips seem to cling to surfaces. The main pump is a fairly good size pump(1100 watt). I'm curious if it has a solenoid valve like described...
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    Adding coolant wash down gun and pump

    Is this overkill, 3/4hp Grundfos pump rated 13.2gpm and 86.2 ft of head(37psi). This is the smallest motor they sell on this style pump, this is three impellers but also comes in 1 or 2. This is about twice the price of the 1/2hp regular pump, $800 vs $400. These seem to be rated less flow but...
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    Draw tube liners

    What brand are they/where do you get them?
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    Corrosion between machine table and 6061 subplate: Real World results

    Thanks for the pictures! What kind of coolant do you use?
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    Kitamura 400mm Foundation Advice

    Thanks Stang, I wish it was in my garage instead of work, maybe someday! Is this a new machine or used? I've been very curious of Kitamuras lately, seems like an awesome machine for the money. We didn't use anchors, does Kitamura want it anchored down? I've not head of many needing that...
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    Kitamura 400mm Foundation Advice

    Sounds like good advice from above. We just went through this on a new NLX2500SY, flour had stress cracks all over it. Machine would have been sitting on at least 4 different sections, I don't blame you for wanting to pour a pad. We had a local contractor do it for $7000, what a joke! For the...
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    Adding coolant wash down gun and pump

    Thats a pretty cool setup, I'll see if I can make something work with the door interlock arangement.
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    Adding coolant wash down gun and pump

    Good question, I'm not really sure what all it includes. I'm pretty sure it includes a separate pump and a button is placed on the touchscreen to turn it on. There is already a wash down between the sub spindle and turret so wouldn't think it would be anything else. I believe they just call it a...
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    Adding coolant wash down gun and pump

    Good to know, thank you! The main pump on the Mori is a 1100w like the first style you pictured, seems to work very well. I had wondered about those when looking through the catalog for the wash down, I will look into these. If I'd go with the other size, probably just have to get a larger one...