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    Genos 560v prices and options

    See below from late last year. 1000psi TSC from MP systems and a royal mist collecter is around another 18k per machine.
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    Xometry Premium Partner

    Everyone has to start somewhere. I started with a 95 VF2. Stock prices aren't the best barometer for business success. If they went under, I would pick up the pieces, and use the same principals and find another customer.
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    Xometry Premium Partner

    I am the owner of a shop with 10 employees, 20 CNC machines, a workspace of 15,000 square feet, and we operate on a single shift. Our basic hourly rate for simple work on inexpensive materials is $100, and this rate can increase depending on the complexity of the job. Compared to businesses...
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    Xometry Premium Partner

    Its probably because I am a Xom schill. Or I am that AS9100D guy or some other bullshit. I can't tell you why other people have struggled with Xom. All I know is that I have done everything I could to foster a great relationship with them. I made contacts and built friendships and trust...
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    Xometry Premium Partner

    I am ultra premium. Below is where we are at as of today. About 1.2 mil in open orders with them. Becoming a higher tier partner didn't change the job board a lot, but it opened up a lot of opportunities with them that never make it to the job board.
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    ERP - JobBoss^2 vs. ProShop vs. Something Actually Good?

    We also had a bad start with proshop, and ended up getting a refund. We have since switched to Realtrac, and have been loving it for the past year. We are 12 people, 18 machines, low volume high mix job shop.
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    Best Hydraulic Chucks

    We switched from Schunk to Mari. No regrets, the Mari stuff is great.
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    We get repeat work every month on various Xom jobs. Its never guaranteed though.
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    MRPeasy ERP

    We use Realtrac and love it
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    Haas shrink fit machine

    We use ours down to 1/8" shanks with no issues. Haas does not sell holders that small.
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    Haas shrink fit machine

    I have one. Its an imported unit, but honestly its worked great. The holders themselves that Haas is selling are YG1 with Haas laser marking. We do less than 10 tool changes a day on ours, and its perfect for that. If you did a lot, you would want a water cooled unit.
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    Who Makes The Best HSS Twist Drills?

    We've had good luck with YG1 Gold P drills.
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    Bar Puller Recommendations?

    This is the same style we use in our Lathes. Works great and the replacement fingers are cheap and easily made.
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    Thin AL Plate Machining required USA Based Companies ONLY

    The issue is going to be the blind side holes more so then the wall dimensions. A vac plate should suffice for hold down. You should denote what the overall dimensions are also
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    Platform for jobs

    Syncfab, Fractory, and Hubs have all treated us well along with Xom.
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    8620 Getting longer after heat treating

    It's hot rolled. It's not warping best I can tell, and we are using a tail stock. It shrinks about .002 in length each roughing pass. It's odd, never had it happen before.
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    Haas st30Y tool setting and g54 help please!!!

    Returns similar to g53. I believe you can set a ref point for it though. We use g53
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    I don't need a fake name to cover who I am, or who my shop is. With about 3 minutes of google, you can easily find out who I am and what/where my shop is. I don't really care if Xom reads this stuff, as I don't really have a problem talking about their good and bad points. But man there are a...
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    8620 Getting longer after heat treating

    I'm having the opposite problem right now LOL. We are doing some 5" x 25" 4140 prehard shafts, and when roughing them off, they are shrinking .020" in length. Its fairly normal for material to grow in length at heat treat.