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    Gift for graduating machinist?

    I second a toolbox
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    Safety tip for today.

    It looks to be on center and 3/8 from the edge. Looks like location is good
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    OT storms and power outages

    We lost power 3 days Tuesday we had lights, I turned on the compressor all I did was a load humming sound thinking it was a bad capacitor or the contacts needed cleaned I was one wrench away from tearing the motor apart. Then it hit me ,lost a leg on the 3 phase .....Turned on the surface...
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    Would like feedback on my equipment

    Congrats Road Clam. Good luck to you and always remember if you love what you do you will never have a job.
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    Now Ive done it. Mycenter 2 !!

    The Manuel stated turn off controller before replacing batteries..WRONG. The tech guy says always leave on Fanuc or Yasnac.. I will be into this fix for about 1000.00 plus downtime. I had this machine lasered years back about 3k...all gone. I do have copys of the factory parameter settings...
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    Now Ive done it. Mycenter 2 !!

    I have the same issue . Being proactive I was going to replace the batteries in my 94 My4 Yasnac I80 Followed the Manuel instructions ... Now my controller starts up step 1 and scrolls continuously....I hope to have tech in next week to get started re-entering the parameters ...I think? Does...
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    Long Length Endmills

    IMCO is advertising a endmill for deep pockets. I have no experiance using one.
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    Moving a CNC Machine in the Rain

    I see boats sit outside all winter long here in Pennsylvania with a blue shrink wrap it must be rather durable . Contact a boat storage facility?
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    OT: Solvent for kitchen grease on Aluminum

    brake cleaner?
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    Lane Furniture terminates 2,500 employees via Email.

    Rumor has it Twitter is hiring...but ,crying and man buns will not be tolerated.
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    400,000 Screws a day..."One man operation"?

    I would use the buy it now.....
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    Xometry's "take" grows to 39% last quarter

    I sent a print I have made several times prior for a customer of mine to let Xom. quote.. (X sent out an invitation try our quoting platform) So. I made those parts in the 2200.00 ea range material supplied by customer.... X came back around 1800.00 INCLUDING material...shug I made them in...
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    Endmills for dealing with broken taps where to buy.

    Interesting...I will put some in stock. What speed would you use for small diameters. Thanks
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    Endmills for dealing with broken taps where to buy.

    I had a rush D-2 part and used my stock of 1/8 ,4 flute throw away endmills to remove a broken 1/4-28 tap... I found some 1/8 4 flute coated made in the US for 4.00 ea.. But Started thinking I need some 2mm made in the US for smaller taps.. As I don't think I have the spindle speed for thread...
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    Looking for help with hard milling

    Have you looked into high feed end mills such as mitsubishicarbide.com/en/products/rotating_tools/face_mills/ajx maybe you could incorporate the taper on the insert to eliminate the serrations left with the standard end mill. Also ceramic endmills but expensive and your fixturing has to be...
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    OT: warning GE fridges do not work

    I can vouch for speed queen washing machines I bought one ten years ago ,still good ..I think they are more of a commercial washer, mine is very heavy and back then it was made in the USA ...IIRC
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    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    Sounds like you went to Tombstone. They held me and the wife at the check station for an hour and searched my vehicle twice....Funny I had 12 quarts of barbecue sauce from a friend who lives there ...they didnt open any??? And when they handed my CCW back gun in one hand bullets in the other...