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    Places to pre-shape grinding wheels

    It's just an angled face with a small .250" shoulder. My machines are angle head (20 or 30 degrees, respectively) but the in stock wheels are all squared off. And I am in Eastern PA (Philadelphia) but unless there's someone I can hand deliver to shipping to New York or Minnesota isn't a ton...
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    Places to pre-shape grinding wheels

    I'm hoping it's not ongoing. We recently purchased some used grinders and the ball was dropped on ordering wheels so now I am just trying to get something that's in stock in the grit I need. I have placed orders for properly shaped wheels, they are just 12-20 weeks out depending on who I go with.
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    Places to pre-shape grinding wheels

    Anyone know of any places that will take a grinding wheel (20x8x2) and pre-dress an angle on it for me? I have a bunch to do because the only stock wheels I can get are straight and I don't want to waste time doing them on my machine here. Wheels are AlOx Vitrified bond. Thanks.
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    2013 +Gf+ Mikron HSM 600U LP

    I'm not knocking the control at all. It's a good control, but most people don't have experience with it and therefore stay away from it. Hermle and Kern are not common machines. How many shops have HAAS/FANUC controlled machines and MasterCAM because they know that will ensure and employee...
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    2013 +Gf+ Mikron HSM 600U LP

    People who already use it maybe, but that group is very small. Who (MTB) is using Heidenhain in the US as their main/only control option besides Mikron? I know some offer Heidenhain and Siemens but in US markets Siemens is the main one by a considerable margin.
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    2013 +Gf+ Mikron HSM 600U LP

    Here being the US. And I should have stated not as popular in the used market specifically.
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    2013 +Gf+ Mikron HSM 600U LP

    From what I have seen Mikrons are not popular here nor do they hold their value well (which is fine for me). I think the Heidenhain control scares people off. We have been able to buy a few of these machines recently for next to nothing, especially considering the pallet pools built in. I think...
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    HSK50 Toolcart

    Does anyone know of any tool storage carts (on wheels) that is made specifically to accept HSK50E tooling? I am not looking to make one or modify anything. Huot does not make anything in that taper and they fit too loosely in Cat40, HSK63, and Capto C6-sized carts. Thanks.
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    Fadal 4020 Squealing

    Am I crazy or is the machine "movement" in X (table moving left and right) while this is happening, not Y? I have never seen t slots in the Y direction before so I assume you are looking at this from the front of them machine. Are Fadals built or named differently? Stupid question but does it...
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    Okuma lnc8 tooling insert up or insert down?

    You can run either. There are a few things I see thrown around frequently and they have their merits, but there's also a very limited range in which I think either way is "better" . Insert down has the advantage of gravity helping with chip evacuation. When the chips are coming off the material...
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    Hi Feed Mill for 40 taper

    What are you guys using for hi feed mills in steel? I am looking for something in the 1.5" range for doing 4140/4130 plate. One particular part is starting from 6" round and I have to remove probably 80 percent of the volume. I would like something I can run to helix down through a part as well.
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    I think his point is that you may not be getting any hits because you aren't offering anything that's worthwhile for people to apply to.
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    Brother Speedio 16k spindle question

    Feedrate maybe?
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    What constitutes a "sharp edge"?

    I had a .010" radius I believe that terminated .005 over major on the part since I was going to raw stock. The part in question was not critical to anything and we were just using material we had to make a tool. It was not sharp but since they didn't see a chamfer they called it "not broken". I...
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    What constitutes a "sharp edge"?

    Good morning. I was having a discussion with a quality guy the other day because I had a part that was turned with a conical feature leading to a straight diameter. The conical feature was 120 degrees included. The print said "break all sharp edges" so he told me I needed to chamfer it. is there...
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    Brother Horizontal

    Andy, Any idea of what the max workpiece length is supposed to be? I have a couple parts that are18-20 inches but I only work the ends and don't go any deeper than 3" from either end. As long as the part fits without hitting sheetmetal I would have plenty of reach for the tooling.
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    36 tooth hss slitting saw speeds and feeds 1040 steel. Help please

    From a SFM perspective that makes sense but if he is saying it's jamming (stalling?) it may not have the torque at 50RPM to use that cutter. Do HAAS mills have high/low gear/windings? Their website shows an override with M41/M42 but also states it should switch automatically. Maybe verify that...
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    ER Collet Chucks for workholding

    I know, but there are a few that offer them. Being ER keeps it so I don't have to purchase any additional collets (not that I don't have 5C, 16C etc.) and it's also a very short protrusion from the mounting surface. I have a low profile 5C manual chuck but even that is 4.5-5" tall.
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    ER Collet Chucks for workholding

    Thank you. Jergen's actually has the perfect piece for what I need too. ER40 and already on a 52MM quick change pallet with a low "gage length". (I have a Lang plate on my rotary, I was going to make an adapter plate). For the price I'd prefer to find the generic pieces and build my own however...
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    ER Collet Chucks for workholding

    Does anyone know of any standard brands that carry something like these "collet chucks" from Amazon? I would like to find something ER40 that is low prolife flange mount like this to mount to a 4th axis rotary. Bonus points if anyone has a 1" hydraulic holder built the same way. Using a...