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    New Manual Lathe

    Lion lathes list several lathes with 4in+ spindle bore in various lengths. They are made in Bulgaria and seem to have a good reputation. There is a US distributor
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    Repair of D1-3 spindle taper

    There is a recent YouTube on regrinding a D spindle that seemed to be very through and well thought out. Search Mr. Chrispin on you tube.
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    Crashed Trumpf Dies

    I would try a couple of sets paired tapered wedges to force the die apart
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    Engine main bearing housing repair

    I agree that the workmanship is very poor and should not be used even if you can cut the bearing locating tab. What does the other half of the crankcase look like and has it been repaired? Do you have the means to measure the diameter of the bore and wether it is in line with the rest of the...
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    Looking for a decent quality borescope for repair work

    I will second the Teslong. I bought it for evaluating rifles but have found it very helpful with repair work
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    9" Seneca Falls Star - What is the spindle bore diameter, and can a spindle with a larger bore be installed?

    If you plan on chambering and fitting barrels, does this lathe come with a set of change gears fro different thread pitches?
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    Metric square drive sizes?

    The ratchets that I have from Stahlwillie and Facom are inch sizes and when I was working I do not remember there being a Metric drive option. That may of changed in the last 20 years though.
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    Blue pipe for airlines

    I just did my new shop with the Rapid air 3/4" system, easy installation and the fittings seemed to be very good quality.
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    Variable belt drive vs a gearbox

    For my mill the variable shiv drive works very well, (Reeves drive?) For the lathe adding a VFD for the 8 speed gear head had even more advantages. Being able to program the the RPM ramp up rate and dynamic braking and turning up the RPM while parting off is really nice.
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    Variable belt drive vs a gearbox

    There are a number of cars out with CVT transmissions, my wife's Rav4 Hybrid has one. Granted the belt is actually a chain but the same principal I think.
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    Solvent for Parts Washer

    I have had good luck with oderless mineral spirits, not too expensive and readily available.
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    Best tool for removing heavy duty speared c-clips?

    Snapon and other tool companys sell pliers designed for those types of clips. I have several in my too box.
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    Foam to make tool box organizers

    You can buy Kaizen foam that is available in several different layer thicknesses to control the depth of the pockets you cut out.
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    What is this adjustable length rod called?

    It is a very nicely made turnbuckle of which there are hundreds of variations.
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    Mounting a 3" 3 jaw chuck in a 6" 3 jaw chuck to hold work by a small ID

    I hold a 4" 3jaw in a 8" 4jaw when I need to hold under 3/16". Very easy to dial in and safe if you use some common sense.
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    Deep drilling with thin drill bit in 4140 on Lathe

    Just an FYI even Amazon lists a sensitive drill adapter with chuck for $42 (I have no idea of the quality) or $400.00+ from MSC
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    Machining tapered shafts w/ conical endmill/horizontal rotary table

    Is your mill like a BP that you can tilt to the head to proper angle and mount the workpiece in a collet? Then you can mount a carbide tool in the vise and raise the table up and down for the cut using the x or y for depth of cut or advance the quill into the tool.
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    What is a good choice for a 6" DRO scale for a quill?

    There are a number of places that sell a Mittutoyu kit for the quil for Bridgeport like mills that arnt very expensive.
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    Thread comes out good except for the start and end points. The ends have shark fins?

    The thin area at the beginning and of the thread can be reduced significantly with a chamfer equal to the thread depth at both ends. Just a square undercut at the end of the thread and a square face causes a very thin leading and trailing edge.
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    OT - Vacuum will remove water from tire - won't it?

    Your vacuum pump will suck until the bead is pushed off the rim and be sure to have the tractor on stands.