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    OT: Diabetes awareness, what would you do?

    I think the best reaction you could expect would be a polite "no thank you". The worst would be he shoots you.
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    Forum "Run-On" Load Time?

    Hit and miss here. Internet connection is fucked up. Will suddenly drop to 1kbps long enough for Firefox to tell me "this page is slowing Firefox down, please close it". Then it will jump up to the max(oh joy!) of 1.3mbps.
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    DEX TE-SHIN ATC, (DETA) Arm moving vertical w/or w/out tools in the grippers, Shuddering causing miss alignment into Spindle

    Several things were involved. 1. Pivot bolt inside box was worn. ( Actually came loose once and jammed mechanism). 2. Small amount of wear on cam. Not much can be done about that. Doesn't seem to cause a problem. 3. Springs on arm lost tension. 4. Bore for retaining pins full of crap. 3 and...
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    Fagor 8055 Lathe Z axis Soft Limit Overrun error

    Change your soft limits to something greater than actual travel. May need to restart control for change to take effect. Whatever you do, DO NOT "initialize" parameters. One of my Fagor flatbed machines has 80 inches of Z. Kinda hard to home when tailstock is at 48 inches. I changed...
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    CNC Lathe turret weight.

    Need to know how big the turret is. I have machines that the turret might weigh 50 pounds and others that the turret is well over 1500 pounds.
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    Mopar flexplates breaking like glass

    Back in '67 I got to talking with the mechanic at the small Chrysler dealership where I was going to school. One of the problems he talked about was the problem of highway patrol cars eating up the crank thrust bearing in the motors. Seems like when they ran them over 110mph the torque...
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    Fanuc Alarm 463 n AXIS : SEND SLAVE DATA FAILED

    I guess one of the gremlins got loose then left then building.
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    Gornati C LEOPARD I

    Maybe this will help. http://www.gornatiservice.it/img/Leopard_150.jpg
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    Gornati C LEOPARD I

    You expect them to GIVE you manuals for free?? They were able to answer questions about identifying specific components, but the manuals were not free.
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    Fanuc Alarm 463 n AXIS : SEND SLAVE DATA FAILED

    Never seen that error. Given that is has been sitting for awhile, sounds like a connection is iffy.
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    Gornati C LEOPARD I

    Should be able to help you. Might take a week or so to respond to inquiry. http://www.gornatiservice.it/index_en.html
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    world's most expensive yeti water bottle (new machine incoming)

    A million+ and a chip conveyor is optional??????
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    Edgecam post problem

    Nope. Lots of strange abbreviations in the tokens.
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    Edgecam post problem

    Post for Fagor 8055T has a problem or two. I think I used a Fanuc template to make this post.. Anyway this bit of code doesn't work: No error, just does not divde the thread angle. ;CODE:#THRDANGLE=#TRHDANGLE/2 Any idea why it doesn't work? Thnaks in advance.
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    Edgecam Capto Geomerty

    I've modified some of the templates to make customized tools on occasion.
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    Edgecam Capto Geomerty

    I thought Edgecam had some Capto templates. Or design the tool in Edgecam?
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    Using unhardened O 1 tool steel for keystock material? Why?

    Sounds like a good way to beat the keyways out.
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    Marvel Bandsaw old Series 8 blade guide Q

    Seems like the pinion was under $200.00. But that was 5 or more years ago.
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    Marvel Bandsaw old Series 8 blade guide Q

    That's exactly what we did. Twice! 30+ years back we made a new drive wheel. Tilted a rotary table on one of the horizontal mills and had at it. Did it again about 5 years ago. Pinion gears were cheap enough we just bought new ones.