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    help with 1985 cosen automatic band saw

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    Formulas for Machinists and Inspectors

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    Price and performance of ER-16 collets and chucks

    It is very best and attractive one but the price does matter for every one and specially for me.This one is best with having all intellectual property and copyright.
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    The Case for Working With Your Hands

    The article is very impressive and purely based on excellent research work.The author is very confident with his past experiments.This put deep impact on my feelings.
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    help with 1985 cosen automatic band saw

    Are the tires and drive belts new? Yes its an important question here.If they are then there will be some other problem need to be fixed. I am not sure about the exact situation.
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    Shops that can make Olympic bars in the USA?

    Its really interesting to see.I agree with you . I am looking a shop of such kind.Thanks for sharing this. Please keep us updated.
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    Formulas for Machinists and Inspectors

    Its good that you post copyrighted material,How is this book still under copyright when everyone involved is dead. Thanks for sharing.It is good that you clear various things about copyright here.