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    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    If your that confident you'll never run more than one part, or make any money doing it. Ignore the high speed aspect and focus on quality and accuracy ease of use etc. Other wise, it could be a huge mistake accepting a slow machine (been there done that).
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    Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???

    To the OP. Another speedio owner here (S500-X1). Got mine new in 2019. I do quick turn on offs, prototypes and small production of my own products (100 parts is about my max so far.). Most grades of stainless, aluminum, high end plastics etc. Easy to use and very versatile (change the Mcode for...
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    Vacuum Plate Fixturing

    I make my own fixtures, and use a laser to cut closed cell foam gasket material. I have a vacuum switch set to 26" Hg to an I/O port on the machine, so if I lose vacuum, everything stops. Thinnest floor of my parts are .05". Fixture matches part profile +.001" to lock the part in x/y cutting...
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    Vacuum chuck application..Calculator for axial pull out forces based on flute helix, material and cutting conditions ?. Is there such a thing ?.

    Yes, op-1 makes the profile for the fixture. The fingers are roughed out first to get the benefit of the existing carrier stock rigidity.
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    Vacuum chuck application..Calculator for axial pull out forces based on flute helix, material and cutting conditions ?. Is there such a thing ?.

    Not sure I believe my gauge, but 30"Hg, which I don't think is possible using a venturi vacuum. I calculate holding force around 100lbs. Orings are a good point. The gasket slot is .0625 located at the wall of the fixture/part interface. The forked fingers was the challenge as there is no room...
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    Vacuum chuck application..Calculator for axial pull out forces based on flute helix, material and cutting conditions ?. Is there such a thing ?.

    Like the title says, looking for a calculator if it exists, as I'm math challenged. The setup I have is currently working (Mic-6 .05 to .25" thick part in a custom vacuum fixture). What I have is working, but would like to decrease cycle time without scraping part and broken tooling. I realize...
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    What is the shallowest Brother S3/5/700xd1 installation you can get away with?

    I would only add... If your doing aluminum with that small tank, your going to spend a lot of time back there shoveling chips given the rate the Brother can spit them out.
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    How to maintain +-.001 tolerance on Teflon?

    I would consult with the engineer on the material selection for the given application if possible. There are a lot of other stable materials that may work. Friction coefficient, chemical compatibility, UV stabilized, compression strength etc.
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    Is UHMW a good choice for this part?

    HDPE machines beautifully and easily. In that small of a part, warping shouldn't be too bad. That skinny flap on the part would concern me though. Cheap enough to try easily. UHMW sucks in every way 🤣. There are some wonderfully stable thermoset plastics, but $$$.
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    FSWizard / hsmadvisor speed and feed totally different (and wrong) compared to YG1 recommendation.

    I use HSM advisor and YG-1 end mills of all sizes. I can push a bit faster than the numbers from HSM advisor, but I also wouldn't think of running alumium without coolant.
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    Advice Needed- First CNC Mill for prototyping and small batch mfg in home shop

    If your time is as valuable as you describe, stay far away from hobby machines (tormach,cnc masters etc.). Try and find a real, used, 30 taper (brother, robodrill) for 40kish, spend the rest on tooling RPC etc. Be aware, it will take a significant amount of time to learn machining, manual or...
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    Tapping versus Thread Milling

    FWIW, S500 speedio. I do1offs's in SS and 1018. I'm also a chicken, and peck tapping has worked well for me. Run 7% trim 685 coolant as I do mostly Aluminum. 1/2-13 is the largest I've done so far.
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    Brother Speedio tool fretting

    Man that sounds wierd. I'm running a standard S500 10k spindle. 1.1" deep, .11" stepover 219 IPM in 6061 with no issues. I only have Maritool holders. I started with the 1/2 diamondback, but the widia is quieter
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    Brother Speedio xd1 real differences?

    On a related note, I have a standard S500 with just the two coolant lines aimed at the spindle. The two coolant lines can blast some coolant, which Works fine on aluminum, but SS chips to pile up and not move when they fall into the troughs. I have to use a "pusher stick" to get them out the...
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    Suggest a facemill for Brother Speedio (BBT30)

    No offense, but I was expecting something stellar. I'm getting a 6ra finish using a ripper roughing face mill. 2" dia, 4 insert, 10k rpm, 120IPM, .005" deep finish pass.
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    Surfcam vs Mastercam for green machinist

    Same here. Company IP not to mention classified government work. Cloud is a dead end. Integrated CAD/CAM is great (I use InventorHSM), but Fusion can't do large assemblies either, so non starter in several areas. The Autodesk empire is buying everyone out. When they bought HSM works out from...
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    Haas Mini Mill spindle/tool holder/tool balance issue?

    Man, thats horrible. This is on a new machine and HAAS is leaving it up the the customer to diagnose ?. Yikes !, hope you get it sorted soon.