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    Replacement EZ TRAK Servo motor brushes?

    are they parvex or sem motors? bptparts sell brushes for some of the motors, failing that the most cost effective route may be to either contact the motor manufacturer directly and see if you can acquire them that way or through one of their distributors. i have some sem motors for sale not...
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    Bridgeport Torq Cut/EZ track control/motion parts up for grabs

    i finished retrofitting my tc22 and its now running on a centroid oak control/new ac servo motors and drives. i know some of the old parts/boards are hard to find now so i hope its permitted, here is a link to the parts i have up for grabs if not then apologies in advance...
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    Retro fit CNC control for BOSS 5 & 6

    really? don't like calling you out but you can't be looking too hard. In my personal experience it's very well documented, there are literally wiring diagrams and step by step instructions plus youtube videos from centroid and martyscncgarage and a user forum to back it up! what more do you...
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    Further Advice on Bridgeport Purchase

    the dealers can be really hit and miss, somewhat more so than private individuals. For a 5k machine they wont really be interested in you once its out the door. many of the machines come out of factories because they were either worn out or old and not easily serviceable anymore. Anything...
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    1990's Bridgeport, CNC by Centroid with varidrive j head

    pretty sure if you get a usb floppy emulator $30 and plug it into the floppy cable it will fix it or just get a used working floppy drive. then you can just copy your nc programs onto the usb stick and plug it in the front of the machine. only catch is that you have to format the usb sticks a...
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    New----HAAS tooling??

    FYI when i complained about the missing tool holder they gave me a 20%off code if i spent $400 not sure if it will work for someone else but your welcome to give it a go.. code was TRYIT
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    New----HAAS tooling??

    pull stud
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    New----HAAS tooling??

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    New----HAAS tooling??

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    New----HAAS tooling??

    parlec left haas right cutters
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    New----HAAS tooling??

    Just thought i would update this. All the tooling turned up, they forgot one of the tool holders out of the 20 piece kit, sent them an email and they next day shipped it to me, haas customer service were helpful via email. tool holders are pretty nice for the price balanced to g2.5...
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    New----HAAS tooling??

    lol your welcome to them little boxes, in fact, nope i want a pack of hotdogs in exchange :D I don't even own a single haas, and have never ran one in a shop environment so I'm probably not qualified to comment. BUT..... Every now and then i go to a dealer day for a free lunch and to socialize...
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    New----HAAS tooling??

    I decided what the heck lets find out if its shit or not. Dropped 2k for the 20piece tsc kit and 2 each of all the ali end mills up to 1/2inch. they had %10 off yesterday so figured what the heck pricing is very competitive for 20 holders 3 sets of collets and 12 end mills. if i decide i...
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    Riggers in Atlanta, GA area that can load 15,000 lb VMC's ? (no loading dock)

    thanks guys i had already called adams, they were not available. i sent Pete Wallace an email hopefully they will call me tomorrow and we can work something out. im trying to avoid the diy route of hiring a forklift, id rather have a pro do it. fyi i also tried Eastern Machinery Movers (they...
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    Help! I Need a Rigger North Georgia / Atlanta (Roswell/Marietta area)

    can anyone help? I'm a long term reader but this is my first post. I'm looking for a rigger to unload and place a 6500lb cnc vmc in my shop. I have called a bunch of companies. Some are too busy, some say the job is too small and others just don't call back. I'm guessing business for riggers...