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    WTB: Clausing 85xx, Millrite, etc

    I shall do some research and let you know. My main concern is size, although the R8 spindle gives me the warm and fuzzies.
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    WTB: Clausing 85xx, Millrite, etc

    I've wasted away waiting for a fractional BP to fall in my lap over the years, but alas. This is an attempt to move the needle. No I don't want a modern offshore POS, yes I'm picky and I love my old iron. Under no circumstances will anything over a 3/4 BP fit in my space. A Millrite is at the...
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    Micrometers, drills, taps, lots of misc. More than 200 pictures of things that could be yours :)

    I'll take #5 B) Starrett 456-a with stains works well.. $175 Also #7 E, F, and M
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    100% correct on the Boley & Leinen Reform. Can you identify the other parts you mention from the photos? Having a hard time finding much in the way of a good reference for "turns," can you ID them from any of my photos? Great information, thank you!
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    Odd things Part 3: The gear gizmo looks like the gear change which feeds a QCGB or something on a similarly small lathe, but not any from the lot. The larger gear looks like a worm drive to me. Not sure what the wood thing is... but you never know!
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    Odd things Part 1: Now for the fun part: The things that I don't know what they are or what they go to! Some are pretty obvious (the vertical attachment, for instance), but the specifics I cannot discern at the moment. The box of tooling had a lid at some point, and I cannot make out much of the...
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    Accessories. These are pretty obvious for the most part, or I think I find find out in the literature. The 4 jaw says "HG" on the front of it.
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    Lathe #3. This lathe is smaller, and the collet draw bar doesn't fit the collets from the other lathe (too loose), even though everything else is smaller. Note the reverse pulley and the indexing apparatus.
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    Lathe #2. Maker is Waltham Watch Tool Co from Springfield Mass. Haven't tried to turn on the motor. The tailstock that was on here originally didn't fit right (too loose), appears to match the Lathe #1.
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    Lathe #1. Tried to take a picture of the maker at the end of the bed but couldn't make it come out (it says "G Boley" then "2681" then "Germany". I haven't tried to plug in the motor, or moved anything other than the spindle because it needs oil.
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    Jeweler Lathes Identification

    I generally hate these threads, but I couldn't resist... I'm out of town and bought the following lot sight-unseen. I will hopefully pick it up someone next week. I caught the ad on Craigslist 10 minutes after it was posted and locked it down immediately. It's being sold by a gentleman whose...
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    Where to sell optical components (lenses, mirrors, etc.)?

    I am an optics/laser expert, so to speak. If you message me I may be able to point you in the right direction, or tell you what it's worth. Cheers, IHateMayonnaise
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    machinist tools

    I'll give you ten bucks shipped to the North Pole. But seriously Mike: please post pictures, prices, etc. Don't make us play the guessing game.
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    Retirement Tooling Sale

    I'll take Surface plate (chat with me before packing this up) Dividers and Scribers with extender $25 Shipped Pro Inclinometer $20 Shipped If still available.
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    Refurbishing a couple of HLV-EM lathes...

    Great job! What PPE did you use for the paint you used, and what flavor of Urethane Enamel did you employ? I'm terrified of the stuff -- everything I've read says to use a separate oxygen supply. I'm inclined to pay someone to do the job for me, but am having a hard time finding someone who...
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    WTB swiss made 12” calipers

    I have a 12" B&S dial with case in near New condition. I'll take some photos later today.
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    HLV-H Lead Screw Bearing Retainer Removal (Stuck?)

    The "nays" clearly have the majority. I'm leaving it alone :p