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    Help with Fanuc O-M setup

    If you have a huge negative work offset your tool offset should be positive. The machine crunches these numbers to go to the correct place in Z. Work offset Z, H offset and programmed position (this could include math done with variables). A easy way to set up is set the tool off a fixed point...
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    what would you pay

    I would say you would need to pay a lot. I live eighty miles west of you. A house the size that I currently live in would cost nearly twice as much. It would take about $7 an hour to make up for that. And that is just housing.
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    Roto Vise

    The decision was made to make a fixture out of solid material to save on the cost of the vise. It was made before the posts from those who purchased it. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Roto Vise

    The rotary's are forward on the table facing the operator. I'd like to leave them like that for operator comfort while loading. They are spaced apart the same distance as the spindles so two parts are cut at the same time. The parts are going to be mostly 17-4.
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    Roto Vise

    The rotary's are set up facing the front of the machine. Not much space to add support. I'll measure it Monday. I'm also thinking of turning a solid steel "nose", mounting them to the rotary's and then milling a flat table for a kurt toolroom vise. I like the idea of 4 vises per spindle.
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    Roto Vise

    I'm looking for feedback from machinist who work with the following tool. http://www.piersonworkholding.com/4th-axis-vise.php I'm looking into work holding products for a twin spindle 4 axis machine. It will not have tailstock support. This seems like a good solution.
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    Yasnac MX3 not reponding after tool table reset

    I'm not positive this will fix your problem but worth a try. Sometimes after alarms on the YASNAC I80 we have to turn on edit parameters hit reset then turn off edit parameters.
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    hmc 400mm what are my options

    I have not worked on horizontals from these builders. If I were involved in the purchase of a horizontal I would give them a look. I work on Matsuura verticals. They are well built machines. Some have been running two shifts cutting 17-4 since 1995.
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    hmc 400mm what are my options

    How about looking at Matsuura and Kiwa?
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    Index direction

    Thanks for the reply. Both are set to zero. 5511 looks like it sets a m code to use when going in a negative direction.
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    Index direction

    I've recently started operating Kitamura 4 axis VMCs with 16i controls. I came from an area with 4 axis Matsuuras with YASNAC controls. The Matsuura "A" axis would always go past zero when indexing between positive and negative values. These FANUC machines take the shortest path. I would like to...
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    G10 type programming help

    Edit I forgot the G59 call before the first G52 Q2. The way I wrote my first post the machine would of used the last known work offset. "It may be reset ... " Meaning that "yes - it will" or that you're not sure, and cancel it yourself to be sure and out of habit? I'm not sure. That may be...
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    G10 type programming help

    I cancel the G52 shift out of habit. It may be reset with M30,M2 or Reset. In my sample I left his G10 to set G59. It's not needed if you type the position into G59.
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    G10 type programming help

    G52 Q2 will shift from the current work coordinate on the J300 like stated in previous posts. You can drop the M98 sub programs and use G25 P Q for local sub programs. Something like this. O1(ENGRAVE PT HOLDERS) G0 G17 G40 G49 G53 G80 G90 X-10. Y0 Z0 G10Q2P6X3.332Y5.9522 ( Set the coordinates...
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    Drill time from hole to hole

    I think the best way to reduce cycle time would be to use as few tools as needed. We use some drills by Mitsubishi that run with no spot and no peck. If you have a call out for a counter sink you could get a special made to machine it with the same tool.
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    Mill warmup programs

    I work in a cell with four VMCs. Three are all box way. One is box way only on the Z axis. I run a warm up cycle every day even if not using them for cutting. Not only for the spindle and ways but also to circulate the coolant. I have yet to see a crash with a warm up cycle. I move the X & Y to...
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    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    GOTO99 will jump to line N99. M99 is will end a subprogram, jump lines in a main program if used with a P address or loop the main program.
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    How to set up 4th axis for location

    One way is to use tooling balls and construction holes to pick up offsets at angles. It can be on the part or on the fixture. I would recommend coming from the tooling ball at every work offset.
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    Fanuc M code restricted from running in auto by parameter or MTB?

    You could try not putting M30 in your program. Use M99 to loop it and M00 to stop it. Activate the service m code in MDI before your first cycle start.
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    First CNC Mill. Matsurra mc500v. tool length setting help needed (GENERAL HELP TOO?)

    I have not worked on a YASNAC this old. I've been under the impression that before work offsets G92 was used to set offsets. It sets the offset at the machine current location. I don't use this command so my knowledge of it is limited.