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    Help with dating this old thing.

    The edge of the motor mount looks like it may be a Silent Drive model as well..
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    South Bend 9A

    Don't use any oil with detergents made for engine use. The detergents can damage the bronze bearing surfaces. Use non detergent single grade oils as suggested by SB or equivalents on the Saybolt chart.
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    South Bend 9A

    If you have to brush it, get a quart of the thinner for the paint you purchase. Get a few pint and quart mixing cups as well. Use a pint cup to scoop paint from your gallon can to a quart cup. Mix in ten percent thinner to your quart cup. Brush your project with as few brush strokes as possible...
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    Newbie to forum and lathes

    The guys over at OWWM.org/electricals will be able to give you all sorts of ways to make that work. There is some sharp folks over there for that type of thing.
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    How do I pay you. I can send you a company check and of course I don't expect you to send them...

    How do I pay you. I can send you a company check and of course I don't expect you to send them until it clears.
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    FS: Square head set screws

    I would like to purchase a box, please. Bob Leistner
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    Newbie with an Oldie South Bend 10

    Might even have to find an 8" to get it to fit.Someone with less smart aleck and more brains will be by shortly
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    Original Standard post 1944 electric motor for model 9 lathe motor model 127 type c 1 need new motor bushings. You can call me or text or email me

    Why not make them?You may be able to find them in a bearing house, but you will need the. measurements.
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    10k Horizontal motor mount?

    You're using a furnace motor? Perhaps if you explain yourself someone could give you an answer. This isn't the Riddle Channel.
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    9" South Bend Lathe - need to identify parts and where to find them

    If that serial number is to be believed, that lathe is from 1920.
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    Anyone have a bull gear for a heavy 10?

    Sorry, just checked and now I don't see any bull gears.
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    Anyone have a bull gear for a heavy 10?

    I think I saw one on ebay earlier when I typed in South Bend lathe.
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    South Bend 9 x 4 1/2 - Wide Bed

    Another useful manual is for the Hercus. Hercus was the Aussie copy of the SB lathe:[url=https://tokentoolroom.com/files/Text%20book%20of%20turning.pdfIt] is a good book to read with the SB- How To Run A Lathe. I found it answered some of the questions that SB mentioned but didn't really explain.
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    1928 Series O 9 Inch Up and Running

    Thank you, I will remove the rest of the green on the tailstock and the motor assembly.I wanted to get it together and make sure it wasn't a waste of time.It's not.
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    Older south bend lathe identification

    Looks to be a late 50's model.http://www.wswells.com/sn/sn_db.html . Others will be by to tell you more
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    1928 Series O 9 Inch Up and Running

    Hope this works.
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    1928 Series O 9 Inch Up and Running

    I decided to start another post to mention what I had to do to get my lathe back together. The twin reverse idler bolt that I broke was repaired. I was able to drill and tap it from the rear to #10-32x3/4". It is not under any pressure, it just has to hold it into the hole, so I took the easy...
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    Gearbox Setting Vs. Longitudinal Feed

    Yes, the plate clearly says-Longitudinal Feeds 3 1/4 Times Threads Per Inch. Now I can see how wildly variable it can be. I was thinking it to be so small that it was insignificant. Thanks again for straightening me out.
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    Gearbox Setting Vs. Longitudinal Feed

    Hi, I have gotten my 9" Type O up and running and I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer. What position is best to set the gearbox when using the cross or long. feeds? Does it matter? Seems it should have an effect but I can't wrap my head around how exactly they...
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    southbend 9 serial number id? 32464 NK R8

    This may help:http://www.wswells.com/sn/sn_db.html